Components of the Data Tables window

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Components of the Data Tables window

When you calculate a data table, the Data Tables window automatically opens and allows you to select the data that you need in your calculations. The main components of the window are described below.

  1. Table tabs

    allow you to view different details of the data table.

    1. Table tab

      displays a graphical representation of the data table.

    2. Variables tab

      displays the current variables of a selected item in the data table.

    3. Notes tab

      displays any notes that apply to the data table.

    4. Sketches tab

      displays any sketches that relate to the data table.


    All data tables do not contain all of the previously mentioned details. That is why the Notes tab and the Sketches tab may not always be available.

  2. Home button

    returns the table display to the top left corner of the table.

  3. Toolbar

    allows you to access the different functions of data tables.