Work with check lines

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Work with check lines

User defined Check Lines can be placed across 2D element meshes, They are similar to 2D results strips, (but with zero width and different properties).

From these check lines, deflection results are determined from the shell/plate/membrane nodal analysis results - these can then be checked against specified limits for slab design purposes.

Engineering judgment is required when positioning the check lines to ensure worst case deflections are obtained.

Create the deflection checks to be applied to check lines

  1. On the Slab Deflection tab, click Deflection Checks

    The Slab Deflection Check Catalogue is displayed, containing any checks that have been defined.

  2. Click Add

    A new check is created in the table.

  3. Select the name in order to give it a more descriptive title.
  4. Choose the check Type: (Total, Instantaneous, or Differential).
    1. If the Type is Differential, select the Start Event from the droplist.
  5. Select the Event to check from the droplist.
  6. Enter the Deflection Limit to be checked.
  7. Select Use in new Check Lines if you want this check to be performed in each check line that is created.

Create a check line

Check lines can only be created while in the Slab Deflections View regime.

  1. Open a 2D view of the FE mesh where the check line is to be placed.
  2. On the Slab Deflection tab, click Create

    The Check Line properties are displayed in the Properties window.

  3. Adjust the properties to specify:
    1. The number of stations
    2. The upper and lower Flat Zone Reductions
    3. Up to 6 deflection checks to be performed (these can either be selected from the predefined Deflection Checks Catalogue, or a new check can be defined)
  4. Click a point where the strip is to start.
  5. Click a 2nd point where the strip is to end. (Neither start or end points have to match nodes in the mesh.)

    A check line is created between the points that you identified.

  6. Either continue to place further check lines, or if done, press Esc to exit.

Delete a check line

To be able to delete a check line you must first ensure that Slab Deflection Check Lines are switched on in Scene Content.

  1. Open a view displaying the check lines to be deleted.
  2. Click or press Delete
  3. Click on the check lines to be deleted.