Precast member design handbook

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Precast member design handbook

Precast structures can be modeled and analyzed in Tekla Structural Designer. Precast beams and columns can then be designed, provided that you have access to a license of Tekla Tedds.

This handbook describes the workflow required in Tekla Structural Designer for running the Tekla Tedds precast calculations.

Note: The following limitations apply:
  • Only design of normal weight precast concrete beams and columns to Eurocodes is supported.
  • Design of precast concrete slabs and walls is beyond scope for all head codes.
  • The process is only applicable to precast structures that don't make use of in-situ structural toppings.
    • Precast construction which adopts a more hybrid construction involving the use of in-situ toppings exceeds the limitations of the Tekla Tedds calculations and should therefore be considered beyond scope.

The following topics are covered:

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