Manage files for a purchase order

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Manage files for a purchase order

Document Index is a place for storing files to be shared among other users. In Document Index, you can store various kinds of documents for reference, and modify, delete, open, and email these files.


You should always save heat documents in the Heat Documents category in Document Index. The Heat Documents category differs from other document categories in that it maintains a link to the heat document for all items that share the same supplier, purchase order number, and heat number.

To access Document Index, do the following:

  1. At the top of the Tekla PowerFab window, click the Purchasing button.
  2. In the Select Requisition/Purchase Order dialog box, ensure that you are on the Purchase Orders tab.
  3. Select the purchase order for which you want to add document references.
  4. Click Doc Ind.

The Document Index dialog box opens. Next, you can either modify the available folders for document references, or add, modify, delete, open, and email document reference files.