Print change orders

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Print change orders

Use the Print Selected Change Orders to print one or multiple change orders at one go.

  1. In the Change Order dialog box, select the change orders that you want to print.

    To select multiple change orders, hold down Ctrl.

    To select a range of subsequent change orders, hold down Shift.

  2. Click the Change Orders ribbon tab.
  3. On the menu, select Print Selected Change Orders.
  4. On the Report Settings tab of the Print Change Order dialog box, select the Show Company Logo (If Exists) check box to display your company logo in the change order.
  5. On the Printer Settings tab, type the number of copies to be printed in the Copies field.
  6. To set the printer, click Change Printer.
  7. In the Select Printer dialog box, click a printer to select it.
  8. Click OK.
  9. In the Print Change Order dialog box, click Print.