Manage document reference categories

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Manage document reference categories

Use the Edit Categories command in Document Index to manage the categories that you can use to organize document references. You can add new categories, rename categories, and delete unnecessary categories. You can also change the default folder where document references are saved.

  1. At the bottom of the Document Index - By Category dialog box, click Edit Categories.
  2. In the Enter Value dialog box, select the job whose document reference categories you want to manage.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Document Index - Edit Categories dialog box, do any of the following:


    Do this

    Add a new category

    1. In the navigation tree at the top of the dialog box, select the parent category for the new category.

    2. Click Add.

    3. Type a name for the new category.

      For example, Miscellaneous documents.

    4. Click OK.

    The new category is added to the list.

    Rename a category

    1. In the navigation tree, select the category that you want to rename.

    2. Type a new name for the category.

    3. Click OK.

    The category name is updated.

    Delete a category

    Note that you cannot delete a category that has sub-categories.

    1. In the navigation tree, select the category that you want to delete.

    2. Click Delete.

    3. To permanently delete the category, click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

    Change the folder where documents in the selected category are saved

    When documents are added in Document Index, the selected document can be either moved or copied to the selected folder. This way, Tekla EPM retains all documents that have been saved to Document Index, even if the original documents are moved or deleted.

    The default folder for saving documents needs to be in the same structure as the Tekla EPM default folders, so that all users can view the attached documents. Files saved elsewhere than the default location cannot be viewed by other Tekla EPM users.

    1. In the navigation tree, select the category whose default folder you want to change.

    2. Click Default Directory.

    3. Do one of the following:

      • Select the folder that you want to use as the default folder.

      • Click Make New Folder to add a new sub-folder under the currently selected folder. Then, click the sub-folder to use it as the default folder.

    4. Click OK.

  5. To close the dialog box, click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.