Add job-specific inspection test records

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Add job-specific inspection test records

You can add inspection test records, or testing information for a job, in Tekla EPM Go. You can add records to the initial test, and attach re-test record PDF files or other record PDF files to the test records.

  1. On the homepage, scroll to the job to which you want to add inspection records.
  2. Tap Open Project.

    The job information view opens.

  3. At the top of the page, tap Inspections.
  4. Tap the available lists to select the test type, test category, and test that you want to run.

    The test types, categories, and test names need to be created in the Tekla EPM desktop application.

    Note that if you have not yet set a filter, you need to set one to proceed. For more information on setting filters, see Set and clear filters.

    After you have selected the test type, category, and test and set a filter, you can see the inspection test records in the current job that match the filter.

  5. Do any of the following:


    Do this

    Add a new test record

    1. Tap New on the right side of a test record.

    2. Tap the Create as a follow-up to the failed test record # list and select the None, add as new test record option.

    Add a follow-up test record

    Adding a follow-up test record allows you to change the test status from failed to passed without losing the original failed test record.

    1. Scroll to find a failed test record and tap the arrow in the Failed column.

    2. Tap the green record number.

    3. Tap the Run Follow-up Test at the bottom of the inspection test record view.

  6. Do one of the following:
    • Tap the lists to select the inspection location and inspector. Then, define the test hours, and add any other information in the available fields.

      The available and mandatory fields are set in the inspection test properties in the Tekla EPM desktop application.

    • To use the properties of the latest record, tap Restore last.

      Note that the Restore last option is only available if you have added another record with the same test category in the same job, and have not left the job or added records to other test categories after that.

  7. To attach a file to the record, do the following:
    1. Tap ADD FILE.
    2. Browse to find the file that you want to attach and select it.
    3. Tap Open.
    4. Type a description for the file.

    To add more files, repeat steps a to d.

  8. When you are ready to submit the record, tap Submit Now or Submit.
  9. Tap Confirm!

The inspection test record is added.