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Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-1184 Concrete components Wall layout has been modified to properly handle elementation in cases where the seam is intersecting only other seams, but not any of the edges of the original boundary. In addition, the elementation can handle cases where the opening edges intersect the original boundary.
TSAC-1248 Concrete components Wall layout elementation now splits wall layout elements when using the tool twice, first in the vertical direction and then in the horizontal direction, or the other way round.
TSAC-1291 Concrete components Previously, if you used Wall layout connector in cases when the main wall had fewer layers than the secondary wall, an exception occurred. If you clicked Quit in the exception dialog box, Tekla Structures crashed. This has now been fixed, and the preview in the Wall layout connector dialog box is now correct.
TSAC-1300 Concrete components Wall layout seam now works properly when adding seams to a wall layout that has a surface layer. Previously, seams were not added correctly if the surface layer was the last layer in the wall layout.
TSAC-1324 Concrete components In Wall layout, openings are now created in a wall layout that has a surface layer as the last layer.
TSAC-1407 Concrete components Previously, Floor layout was cutting the smaller last slab and did not set the width of the profile even if you gave the placeholder [W]. This has now been fixed. In addition, the handling of the allowed widths (in FloorLayout.ini) has been changed so that it is possible to give the profile name with [W] to control the allowed widths for parametric profiles.
TSAC-629 Concrete components In Wall layout, the minimum wall layout length is now 25 mm. Earlier, the minimum length was 100 mm.
TSAC-656 Concrete components Floor layout has been changed to work properly with profiles that have none-zero offset when placed with plane positions Left or Right. Earlier, Floor layout was placing narrow slabs with Left or Right position with zero offset and if the profile definition was made so that there was some extra none-zero offset, the actual seam/slab widths were not as required.
Note that this change will affect existing models only when using this kind of profiles.
TSAC-663 Concrete components In Round column reinforcement (82), the main bars are now cut when there is a cut in the concrete, for column shoe, for example.
TSAC-711 Concrete components In Embedded anchors (8), rebars are now taken into account when calculating the total weight of the cast unit.
TSAC-722 Concrete components In Electric box in wall (84), you can now select on the Electric box, Top conn and Bottom conn tabs, whether the box is created using the profile size or by setting the size in the component dialog box.
TSAC-772 Concrete components Wall layout has been changed so that the original subassembly prefix/start number is restored whenever some of the layer swappers is removed.
TSAC-786 Concrete components In Floor layout, when you now extend the floor layout boundary at the layout start edge, the existing gaps and seams do not move or change. Previously, the gaps and seams moved or changed whenever the seam gap was not zero and the boundary was enlarged at the start end.
TSAC-791 Concrete components Wall layout connector now creates proper connections when the number of layers in a wall layout is more than 5, or when the parts at the corner are shorter than 1000 mm.
TSAC-793 Concrete components In Wall panel reinforcement, U reinforcing bar length now works properly.
TSAC-833 Concrete components In Wall layout, the wall geometry can now be modified normally even if some of the openings are not created for the first layer.
TSAC-870 Concrete components

In Concrete console (111), you can now set the console width on the Picture tab only. Previously, setting the width on the Parts tab did not create the console correctly.

Concrete console 111 console width.png

TSAC-910 Concrete components In Rectangular column reinforcement (83), it is now possible to create the intermediate link start and end hooks with 180° angles.
TSAC-934 Concrete components Wall layout layer swapping has been changed so that the actual swapping (of properties and UDA values) is made before any wall part creation. This way there is no extra modify action and numbering does not need to be reset during any wall layout modify operation.
TTSD-6618 Concrete components Previously, deleting some plug-ins from the model could cause an infinite loop in Tekla Structures. This has now been prevented.
94101, TSAC-617 Steel components In Standard gusset (1065), the vertical offset of the gusset is now correctly applied when creating the gusset to the above or below position.
TSAC-103 Steel components In Clip angle (116), slotted holes are now created for all bolts.
TSAC-106 Steel components In Bracing wrap around (46), the weld between the gusset and secondary part is now not created when you define the size of the weld as 0.
TSAC-1305 Steel components In Clip angle (116) and Two sided clip angle (117), the Thread in material option now works correctly for all bolts.
TSAC-1307 Steel components In Clip angle (116), you can now define a name for the L profile.
TSAC-1308 Steel components In Two sided clip angle (117), you can now define L profile names.
TSAC-1329 Steel components In Clip angle (141), the plate washers are now correctly positioned when the main part is a column.
TSAC-1331 Steel components In Moment connection (181), deleting of bolts now works correctly.
TSAC-1332 Steel components In Full depth (184), it is now possible to create a stiffener determined by a shear tab.
TSAC-180 Steel components In Beam prep (183), the weld backing bar offset is now correctly applied when the secondary part is sloped.
TSAC-186 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), welds for stiffeners are now correctly created when connected to the main part flange.
TSAC-192 Steel components Rebar hole now uses an existing bolt size and adjusts the hole tolerance value until the desired Hole diameter is reached.
TSAC-239 Steel components In Cast-in plate (1069), the horizontal bolt group position from the end of the secondary beam and the edge distance of bolts is now correctly applied.
TSAC-246 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), when the stiffener plates are created with offset from the main part web to make a place for doubler plates, the stiffeners are welded to the doubler plate instead of the main part.
TSAC-256, TSAC-257 Steel components In Corner gusset (63), you can now define slotted holes separately for Brace bolts 1-2 and Angle bolts 1-2. You can define the slotted holes for both the gusset side and brace side bolts.
TSAC-273 Steel components In Haunch (40), you can now create chamfers when the haunch type is Profile.
TSAC-275 Steel components In HSS brace special (66), the cap plate width and height is now correctly applied as defined in the dialog box of the component.
TSAC-276 Steel components In Joining plates (14), when defining shim plates, the end plate on the main part does not move anymore and the secondary part is adapted.
TSAC-281 Steel components New notch (49) now works correctly for short secondary parts.
TSAC-300, 131220 Steel components Stiffened end plate (27) and Partial stiff end plate (65) now work correctly when you create an end plate smaller than half the height of the secondary part.
TSAC-317 Steel components In Two sided end plate (142), galvanized holes are now created when the secondary part center lines are not in line.
TSAC-318, 123423 Steel components In Cranked beam (41), you can now define parallel haunch end cuts on the Parameters tab.
TSAC-534 Steel components Previously, changing the surfacing attributes in the No paint area component caused Tekla Structures to crash. This happened at least in the French environment. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-583 Steel components Linear array tool and Radial array tool now correctly copy the user-defined attributes (UDAs) of the original, copied object.
TSAC-586 Steel components When using Radial array tool to copy objects, the polygon cuts, line cuts and fittings now work correctly when the copied object clashes with the original objects or neighboring parts.
TSAC-589 Steel components Objects with polygon cuts can now be copied again using Radial array tool.
TSAC-591 Steel components Objects with polygon cuts can now be copied again using Linear array tool.
TSAC-593 Steel components Deleting objects copied using Linear array tool now also deletes the cuts and fittings that were in the copied objects.
TSAC-600 Steel components Linear array tool and Radial array tool now copy the components and cuts of the original, copied object.
TSAC-620 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), Moment connection (181), Column with stiffeners W (182), Column with stiffeners (186), Column with stiffeners S (187) and Column with stiffeners (188), creating a doubler plate on the near side or both sides no longer breaks the geometry of the shear tab. Also, welds between the shear tab and the main part or doubler plate are now correctly created.
TSAC-683 Steel components In Cast-in plate (1069), the horizontal edge distance is now correctly applied when using an angle profile to connect the beam and the cast plate.
TSAC-709 Steel components In Tube gusset (20), when you define a negative value for the brace length on the connection plate, the end plate edge distances from the brace outer edge are now correctly applied.
TSAC-713 Steel components In Purlin connections (11), when you define that one main bolt is created, the correct number of bolts is now created.
TSAC-784 Steel components In Joist to Beam and Col. (164), you can now again define the angle position number, material and name on the Stabilizer tab.
TSAC-798 Steel components In Rebar hole, you can now use imperial values for Hole diameter. The Hole type option now works correctly when set to Part cut or Bolt hole + Part cut.
TSAC-838 Steel components Objects with polygon cuts are now copied correctly with Radial array tool regardless of how the points to input the polygon cuts are picked.
TSAC-861 Steel components In End plate (144), when the stiffener width is left empty in the component dialog box, its default value is now calculated using the advanced option XS_STANDARD_STIFFENER_WIDTH_TOLERANCE.
TSAC-872 Steel components

In Column with stiffeners W (182), the option on the Beam cut tab to not create beam end preparation no longer breaks the secondary part geometry.

Column with stiffeners no beam end prep.png

TSAC-876 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), it is now possible to separately set the horizontal and vertical welds of doubler plate to column by using welds number 9 and number 10.
TSAC-938 Steel components In Doubler plate (1022), only one welding is now created when you create the welding around a part.
TSAC-940 Steel components In Column with stiffeners W (182) and Column with stiffeners S (187), the shear tab no longer expands its length after each modify when the main part is welded from plates.
TSAC-989 Steel components In Full depth S (185), the tab plate between the parts with a U profile was previously incorrectly created. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-992 Steel components In Shear plate simple (146), the shear tab is now correctly created when created close to the end of the main part.
TSAC-993 Steel components In Shear plate tube column (189), the recesses in the main part are now correctly created when connecting to one secondary part.
TTSD-8925 Steel components Publish to catalog now works correctly with detailing components. Previously, it did not store the attributes of the selected detailing component.
TTSD-11447 Organizer Previously, in some situations you had to click Undo many times to undo an action if you had Organizer open. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-3389 Organizer PROJECT.DATE_START, PROJECT.DATE_END and PROJECT.NUMBER now work again in Organizer templates.
TSAC-714 Task Manager In Task manager, subtasks are now created with correct planned dates according to the planned dates of selected higher-level task.
TSAC-1175 Import, export, interoperability Tekla Structures sometimes crashed during NC export due to a bolt error. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-712 Import, export, interoperability NC files: The DSTV export of weld preparations for flanges that have intermediate cuts has now been fixed.
TTSD-10232 Import, export, interoperability Trimble Connector did not react when the model was changed or Tekla Structures was closed. Now a model change re-opens Trimble Connector, and closing Tekla Structures also closes Trimble Connector.
TTSD-10233 Import, export, interoperability Work area related visibility issues in reference models using a base point with an angle have now been fixed.
TTSD-10340 Import, export, interoperability Work plane no longer affects the insertion of the reference models from Trimble Connect to Tekla Structures.
TTSD-10361 Import, export, interoperability The DWG export will now show error message "Drawing cannot be read" if the exported drawing is missing, not up to date or has similar problems.
TTSD-10603 Import, export, interoperability Polybeam IFC object conversion now works.
TTSD-10931 Import, export, interoperability In DWG export, when you select Drawing as snapshot to CAD model space, the preview now works better.
TTSD-10949 Import, export, interoperability Previously, when an invalid font was configured for some items in a drawing, the DWG export crashed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11042 Import, export, interoperability You can now use _BASEPOINT attributes in IFC2x3 property sets.
TTSD-11702 Import, export, interoperability Rebars were not exported to IFC2x3 model even though they were selected. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11708 Import, export, interoperability Reference model change detection sometimes showed also the old versions of all changed objects. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12432 Import, export, interoperability Filtering with object GUID for reference model was not working in area select. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13296 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 surface view export did not include property sets. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-4025 Import, export, interoperability

The Export drawings to DWG/DXF window now has a scroll bar if the window is minimized enough.


DWG export scroll bar.png

TTSD-6197 Import, export, interoperability The edge visualization of the imported shapes has been improved and is now more similar to the visualization in the original modeling software.
TTSD-6949 Import, export, interoperability The image files are now named correctly in Export Drawings.
TTSD-7077, 131911 Import, export, interoperability Tekla Structures sometimes crashed when you inserted a certain shape. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7667 Import, export, interoperability Previously, when you minimized the new Export drawings to DWG/DXF dialog box, it was sometimes difficult to reopen it. Now it is easier to reopen it, because there is a separate icon for the drawing export on the taskbar.
TTSD-7681 Import, export, interoperability Old DWG export: Sometimes dimension texts had incorrect protect area, which resulted in incorrect DWG files if the option Cut lines with text was used. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7917 Import, export, interoperability When importing from Tekla Structural Designer, slabs with more than 99 points would not be created in Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7994 Import, export, interoperability Removing an internal reference model instance failed after you had deleted the reference model from a single user model. This has now been fixed, and the single user data storage is also cleaned.
TTSD-8178 Import, export, interoperability Drawing font definitions created by DWG Export were not understood by some programs. Now the definitions have been fixed.
TTSD-8382 Import, export, interoperability Support for Imperial units when transferring models from Tekla Structural Designer to Tekla Structures has been implemented.
TTSD-9870 Import, export, interoperability Earlier, grids exported from Tekla Structural Designer did not always appear in correct elevations when imported to Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9874 Import, export, interoperability Earlier, when the model contained grids in negative elevations in Tekla Structural Designer, the grids did not appear at all after export and import into Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-1759 Templates and reports Rebar pull-out pictures in rotated templates are now drawn better.
TTSD-3428 Templates and reports You now get correct values for slotted holes when you use templates attributes in marks.
TTSD-3790 Templates and reports Reports that have the attribute SIMILAR_ASSEMBLY in the report template are now faster to create.
TTSD-7130 Templates and reports The EN 1090 related user-defined attributes were not visible in the Select attribute list in Template Editor. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7139 Templates and reports In drawing templates, only the first revision information row was visible. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7278 Templates and reports Data from a previous connection in a report was used to populate empty fields. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9233 Templates and reports In version 2017, when a report was created for some parts it would take up the whole memory of a computer. Now this issue has been fixed, and the performance has been increased as well.
TTSD-9270 Templates and reports The NUMBER_VISIBLE template attribute is now available as reinforcement mark element also for rebar set bars.
SOLD-91 Drawings The In Use column on the Statistic tab of the Tekla Structures License Administration Tool did not show the license usage correctly (too much usage). This was a reporting issue not affecting to the license enforcement. Now the In use column shows the amount correctly.
TSAC-618 Drawings In Rebar group dimensioning, there were incorrect number of spacings because the rebar group was modeled as "tapered" with rebars going beyond the second input polygon. This has now been fixed. The main cause of the problem was that the rebar group was modeled incorrectly.
TSAC-659 Drawings In Rebar group marking, the quantity of the bars in a rebar set was output, although it was not selected as mark content. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-732 Drawings The dimensioning type Hole now works correctly also when the object is in skewed position to the main coordinate axis. Previously holes in those objects were dimensioned only by recess type.
TSAC-836 Drawings In Rebar pull-out picture and marking, hooks were not drawn in pull-out picture, when the visibility of the reinforcing bars in a group was set to customize in Drawing reinforcement properties. This has now been fixed.
TTSD--9183 Drawings Now the reinforcing bar Representation option filled lines works faster together with hidden line removal.
TTSD-10057 Drawings Drawing list was refreshed and all drawings were always shown in multi-user models after save. Now only visible drawings are kept.
TTSD-10168 Drawings Check boxes in drawing property dialog boxes for polygons, circles and rectangles now work correctly.
TTSD-10179 Drawings Now loading dimension properties from a properties file in a drawing when a dimension is selected  works correctly for all fields.
TTSD-10494 Drawings The Add part marks for selected parts command is no longer dimmed on the ribbon when you select a single rebar or mesh.
TTSD-10547 Drawings Transparent background mask setting in drawing marks and notes now works correctly when you apply it using OpenApi.
TTSD-10569 Drawings In cast unit and GA drawings, when two or more rebar sets are positioned on top of each other and the bar in the middle of group visibility setting is used in view properties, bars are now placed so that all of them are visible
TTSD-10843 Drawings Previously, when drawing arcs or circles in a drawing it was not possible to pan the view while the drawing had started, now this is possible.
TTSD-11003, TTSD-12253 Drawings Rebar set group caching algorithm was improved and rebar set GA drawings are now created faster. Rebar set GA drawings also open faster.
TTSD-11110 Drawings Lines in an extruder beam drawing were drawn incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11141 Drawings Previously clicking Modify in the drawing view properties dialog box without selecting anything from the options tree, or selecting mark options tree without changing the existing applied settings sometimes caused marks to change position. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11164 Drawings Now it is again possible to create a drawing by using a drawing template from another model in Master Drawing Catalog.
TTSD-11222 Drawings Rebar set bars were not shown in GA or cast unit drawings if the rebar sets did not include any rebar set groups. Problem was visible mainly in the tapered curved sets. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11482 Drawings Rebar sets were not shown on more complex cast unit section views with many rebar sets displayed when you saved and reopened a drawing.
TTSD-11538 Drawings Modifying GA drawing properties applied the scale that was set in the view properties subdialog box even in the views whose scale had been set individually to a different value, and even if the scale had not been modified in GA drawing view properties subdialog box. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11812 Drawings Sometimes drawings containing rebars and rebar dimensions would not open. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12285 Drawings Rebar set bars were not shown in cast unit section views, because the bar polygons were not transformed from model to drawing space before the calculation of the virtual bar extrema. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12796 Drawings Previously, cloning some single part drawings sometimes created extra weld marks that were not present in the original drawing. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-2124 Drawings Opening GA drawings is no longer affected by pour unit incremental calculation, and is now faster.
TTSD-4111 Drawings Now, when you activate a set of snap switches in a drawing and save the drawing, and then reopen the same drawing, or open another drawing, the same set of snap switches is still active. Previously, snap switch settings were not saved in the drawing mode.
TTSD-4573 Drawings Earlier, manually added welds were jumping because insertion points and moving points were different due to protection settings. Now the behavior has changed, and the first and last inserting points match moving points.
TTSD-5093, 131114 Drawings Area selection works correctly again in drawings.
TTSD-5291 Drawings When selecting a row in the view creation and view dimensioning panels, values that differ only on the character case from the corresponding one are no longer lost, for example "cu_front_formwork" properly matches the "CU_Front_formwork" attribute name.
TTSD-5767 Drawings Part reference lines were not working with detailed object level settings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-6118 Drawings Previously, there were sometimes extra lines shown when you had a drawing snapshot on top of the model. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-6376 Drawings Old saved UDA drawing list filters did not work after the columns Ready for issuing and Ready for issuing by were added. Now they work as they used to.
TTSD-6458 Drawings Clicking OK in the new drawing view properties and drawing properties dialog boxes now works. It first applies the values and then closes the dialog. Previously all values were not applied correctly.
TTSD-6682 Drawings Selecting and deleting several drawing views and their content at the same time could cause an application error. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-6966, 132027 Drawings Associative notes were not always cloned when the cloning template was in another model. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7129 Drawings If a drawing was opened twice previously and an image used in the drawing had changed but kept the same name, the image shown in the drawing was not updated. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7143 Drawings Welds outside a drawing view are now  ignored with path representation. Visibility cannot be determined for the path presentation of a weld located on the edge line between two part faces, for example,  a plate and the flange edge of the beam it is welded to, so the welds are always visible when using path presentation.
TTSD-7182 Drawings Changes in layout editing in Tekla Structures 2017 SP3 have caused slower template update in some cases, and opening of drawings was slower. This has now been fixed, and drawings are opening faster again.
TTSD-7276 Drawings Reinforcement mesh holes are now also shown in fast/outline representation.
TTSD-7290 Drawings Previously, saving a model while editing a drawing caused ortho snapping to becomed enabled. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7297 Drawings Opening drawing with pours and reflected views caused a Tekla Structures application error. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7497 Drawings Previously, when adding marks to several parts in a drawing, and one of the parts already had a mark and the rest did not have mark content defined, nothing happened. Now the mark properties dialog box is displayed where you can define the contents for the marks.
TTSD-7516 Drawings Slight performance improvement in drawings where there are a lot of highly detailed and complex objects overlapping one another, for example, a 3D view in a GA drawing.
TTSD-8037 Drawings The dimension creation cursor in drawings could sometimes flicker. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-8395 Drawings Previously, when you modified layout properties of a drawing, sometimes the layout templates were not visible after the modification. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-8944 Drawings Spiral beam dimensioning now shows the radius dimension using correct positioning attributes.
TTSD-8962 Drawings When you created a line in a drawing and you selected to add line bulge in the properties dialog, the Apply button did not apply the bulge. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9136 Drawings Cloning drawings from other models did not work. Now this has been fixed, and cloned drawings are created successfully.
TTSD-9539 Drawings You can now use spaces in dimension filter rule names.
TTSD-9568 Drawings Protect area calculation for large import items is now faster.
TTSD-9702 Drawings Printing to printer failed, and the error message Create Directory was displayed if the plot file location setting was empty, invalid or could not be created. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9714 Drawings Sometimes, merged marks with long content were not displayed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9744 Drawings The plot date was not updated even if the advanced option XS_DISABLE_DRAWING_PLOT_DATE was set to FALSE. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9422 System and options The Start date and End date in Project properties again support custom values and no longer use user's regional settings. Picking the date from the calendar still follows the standard Tekla Structures format (specified by XS_IMPERIAL_DATE).
TTSD-12044 Tekla Model Sharing In a shared model, the drawing status is now correctly updated in a user's local model when reading in.
TTSD-12207 Tekla Model Sharing In a shared model, when a user modified the properties of a part or moved a part, the part was not marked as locally modified after read in if another user had modified or moved the same part. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13416 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, in some cases when two users edited a bent plate in a shared model, Tekla Structures crashed at read in and the bent plate could be broken. Now Tekla Structures does not crash anymore.
TTSD-3871 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, reading in a lot of changes in a very large model could cause Tekla Structures to crash. Now there is a memory check to prevent the crash.
TTSD-7248 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, when changing the weld assembly type from shop to site, a locally changed profile corrupted the assembly in a shared model when reading in, and in a multi-user model when saving the model.
TTSD-7330 Tekla Model Sharing Import model works in the same way as read in now. Import model can only be used for limited workflows where the imported model cannot have objects from the model it is imported to. The functionality is only available in Quick Launch.
TTSD-7607 Tekla Model Sharing Tekla Model Sharing now correctly resolves conflicts for dynamic strings.
TTSD-7747 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, shared models that contained rebar sets could cause Tekla Structures to crash or to function incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9058 Tekla Model Sharing In some rare cases, when you logged in to Tekla Structures and selected to stay signed in, then restarted Tekla Structures and opened a shared model, the Read in and Write out buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar and some of the sharing commands in File > Sharing were shown as dimmed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9385 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, write out would fail if the model folder contained a file that was both changed and marked to be deleted at the same time. Now that file is not included in the write out. Instead, it is deleted.
TSAC-1190 Reinforcement Rebar shape manager now calculates the arc/curve length for curved bars correctly even when the radius is large compared to the bar length.
TTSD-11450 Reinforcement The single-point picking mode in rebar set modifier creation has been improved and now allows you to click on concrete part edges.
TTSD-11660 Reinforcement Sometimes rebar sets were not copied when the cast unit they belonged to was copied. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12392 Reinforcement The rebar set creation commands for crossing and longitudinal bars now work on concrete edges even when the edges are on grid lines. Previously the preview was not shown if the edge was on a grid line.
Also, these commands now work on all concrete edges even when the parts have cuts. Previously the preview was not shown on some of the edges.
TTSD-4991 Reinforcement For controlling which direct modification dimensions are visible, the Dimensions button is now available on the contextual toolbar if you select a direct modification handle of a single reinforcing bar or reinforcing bar group.
TTSD-8908 Reinforcement If you press Alt and select the cast unit main part to select all content such as embeds and reinforcement within the cast unit, Tekla Structures now also selects the rebar sets.
TTSD-8909 Reinforcement If the rebar set setting Minimum lengths to be created in File menu > Settings > Options > Reinforcement was set to a non-zero value, the creation of rebar sets with curved bars may have resulted in invalid bars. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9272 Reinforcement If you split a part that contained a rebar set, the rebar set was multiplied. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9278 Reinforcement If a user of a shared model created rebar sets, and then locked them using user-defined attributes, the other users in the same model saw those reinforcement marks with a question mark. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9325 Reinforcement When a rebar set is created, the direction of the guideline now follows a positive direction from the global origin. This way the rebar set splicing direction is also consistent.
TTSD-9824 Reinforcement When you create rebar set modifiers, Tekla Structures now remembers the picking mode setting (single-point or multi-point) until you exit Tekla Structures.
TSAC-967 Modeling The number of supported bolt standards in the No paint area component has been increased from 50 bolt standards to 250 bolt standards.
TTSD-10133 Modeling Previously, inquiring a spiral beam that was shorter than the profile section height reported one of the profile dimensions instead. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-10454 Modeling Filtering by the Phase property using the conditions Greater than, Greater or equal, Less than, and Less or equal did not work in Tekla Structures 2017i. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-1048, TTSD-6407 Modeling The creation and preview of pour breaks and surfaces have been improved.
TTSD-10565 Modeling The rotation angle for spiral beams does not affect the view depth anymore.
TTSD-10571 Modeling Tekla Structures now shows a message if there are editing conflicts in a multi-user model.
TTSD-10625, TTSD-11103 Modeling In Tekla Structures 2017i, filtering with numeric or date type of user-defined attributes (UDAs) did not work as in previous Tekla Structures versions. If there was no value in the Value field in the filter rules, the objects were not correctly filtered. This has now been changed to work as previously. Empty values of numeric and date type of UDAs correctly filter the objects.
TTSD-10924 Modeling Multi-user models now handle model GUIDs correctly. Previously, the GUID value changed after each save or when re-opening the model. This does not happen anymore.
TTSD-11424 Modeling Parts are now selected in the model based on numbering log selection.
TTSD-11636 Modeling Previously, Tekla Structures crashed when attempting to delete read-only .dwg files. Now such files are not deleted and Tekla Structures does not crash anymore.
TTSD-11682 Modeling The performance of Object locks (Manage > Locks) has been improved.
TTSD-11837 Modeling Previously, in some rare cases, spiral beam creation failed even if the properties of the beam were correct. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12037 Modeling Previously, the equality checking in filtering was not working correctly for some numerical component attributes. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12168 Modeling Pour units are now calculated correctly even when you shift the work plane.
TTSD-12231 Modeling The keyboard shortcut Alt + underlined character is again available for the Cancel button in several dialog boxes.
TTSD-12439 Modeling Hovering the mouse pointer over model objects now makes the object color darker so that the original object color can still be seen. Previously, hovering changed the object color to gray, which hid the original object color.
TTSD-1900 Modeling Spiral beams with zero total rise show bending line, radius and angle when unfolded in drawings.
TTSD-3054 Modeling Tekla Structures now shows the box around an assembly or a cast unit in blue instead of orange.
TTSD-3780 Modeling Direct modification now works for objects copied from another model even if the object material does not exist in the current model.
TTSD-4854 Modeling Spiral beam end points can now be reported as XYZ points in a folded, modeled situation.
Spiral beam center axis can be reported using two points, and the rotation axis direction can be calculated from these points.
TTSD-5594 Modeling When opening a model from the command line, Tekla Structures now asks whether to open the autosaved version of the model if there is an autosaved version of the model.
TTSD-5806 Modeling When you select an assembly or a cast unit that has surfaces attached to it and then select the Show only selected, the surfaces are now shown correctly. In the same manner, the surfaces are now hidden correctly with the Hide command.
Also, when filtering assemblies (Category = Assembly), the surfaces are now filtered if they are attached to the parts that form the cast unit.
TTSD-5929 Modeling Surfaces can now be added to twisting faces, such as those in warped beams, or in spiral beams, when available.
TTSD-6525 Modeling Importing several files at once to the shape catalog is now considerably faster than before.
TTSD-6804 Modeling Earlier, when inquiring the center of gravity of bent plates or assemblies containing bent plates, the gross weight was reported incorrectly. This now has been fixed.
TTSD-6820 Modeling When you show, hide, or filter pour units, also the surfaces attached to the pour units are now shown, hidden, or filtered.
TTSD-6839 Modeling The 3D model views created from pour objects no longer show grids.
TTSD-6861 Modeling You can now define the position depth of spiral beams using the At depth option.
TTSD-6925 Modeling Previously, when you selected a surface object, Tekla Structures created duplicate surfaces if you dragged and dropped mouse in the same object face. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-6930 Modeling Pour filtering does not have an effect on parts anymore. This means that when you filter pour objects using the Pour object category, or pour units using the Pour unit category, parts with specific pour properties are no longer filtered in.
This now works in the same way as when filtering parts using the Part category or assemblies using the Assembly category: pour objects or pour units are not filtered in.
TTSD-7168 Modeling When you open a model created with an older Tekla Structures version in a newer Tekla Structures version, autosave is not done until after you have first normally saved the model. This is because previously if you loaded autosave when opening a model, Tekla Structures did not work correctly and data could be lost.
TTSD-7283 Modeling The advanced option XS_CS_CHAMFER_DIVIDE_ANGLE works again for sketched profiles.
TTSD-7633 Modeling

Previously, the volumes of pour objects were not reported correctly when you had two overlapping cast-in-place concrete parts, and a pour break had been added at a location that split one part but only touched the face of the other part. This has now been fixed.


TTSD-7940 Modeling It is now possible to filter grids using GUIDs in a similar way as ID numbers. Note that grids can only be filtered out ("Object GUID does not equal N").
TTSD-8282 Modeling Filtering by the Phase property using negative conditions such as Does not equal did not work with multiple input values in Tekla Structures 2017i. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-8320, 132485 Modeling Measuring bolt spacing does not cause Tekla Structures to crash anymore.
TTSD-8926, 132588 Modeling In some cases, comparing two assemblies could cause Tekla Structures to crash. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9054, TTSD-9134 Modeling Commands that require snapping now work faster when you move the mouse pointer over imported items that have a large number of faces. Snapping to imported items is much smoother now.
TTSD-9096 Modeling Surfaces are now immediately visible when added to faces with many sections, such as a curved face of a circular column with a very large diameter.
TTSD-9178 Modeling Previously, plugins would sometimes break after rotating. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9249 Modeling You can now change the main section of a bent plate. The main section and the coordinate system of the bent plate change accordingly, changing the bent plate orientation in an unfolded drawing.
TTSD-9265 Modeling In multi-user models, opening the profile catalog for the first time is now fast again, taking few seconds only.
TTSD-9920 Modeling Previously, saving a large model got very slow if the model had been created with Save as and it was again saved with Save as. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12434 Installation The Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) 12.0.40649 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) 12.0.40649 packages are now included in the Tekla Structures installer. These replace the older 12.0.21005 packages.
TTSD-14160 Installation Modular environments, that is, smaller environment packages can now be installed as .tsep packages as long as the installation package contains an environment *.ini file. If the environment .tsep package does not contain such a file, the environment .tsep package will only be installed if this target environment *.ini file currently exists on the user's computer.
TTSD-8433 Installation The issue that prevented model and cloning templates from being properly installed with the Tekla Warehouse installer has now been fixed.
TTSD-3593, 112913 Analysis and design Sometimes when you deleted an automatically created rigid link, the deleted rigid link reappeared when the analysis model was recreated or when some objects were modified. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-3608, 121324 Analysis and design Previously, when Automatic update was set to No - Physical model changes are ignored in the Analysis Model Properties dialog box, and a physical part was moved, the analysis part was sometimes moved to a wrong location. This has now been fixed, and the analysis part is no longer moved.
TSAC-202 Tools and components Inch mark is now supported correctly in the custom component editor. Previously, when adding labels, for example, an inch mark 36'-0", an error would occur when the .inp file was loaded the next time.
TSAC-694 Tools and components Array tools now have a new parameter to skip copying the UDAs if not needed.
TTSD-11802 Tools and components Previously, selecting a newly created custom component in the model did not work. This has now been fixed, and you can select a custom component after creating it.
TTSD-12240 Tools and components When using Excel in connection design, the connection specific result file is named using the GUID, Globally Unique Identifier.
TTSD-12615 Tools and components Custom inquiry now shows negative values.
TTSD-9657, TTSD-12925 Tools and components Excel design now works for custom components and when the calculation macro is used.
TTSD-10720, TTSD-10721 Numbering If a value was set for XS_REBAR_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING, the question mark (?) indicating that the numbering is not up to date was not shown in reinforcing bar position numbers. This also happened when the reinforcing bar numbers were cleared. These issues have now been fixed.
TTSD-6952 Numbering The message about successfully cleared part and assembly numbers is now shown as in Tekla Structures version 21.1.
TTSD-7964 Numbering To define that rebar hook locations are taken into account in cast unit numbering, add the XS_CONSIDER_REBAR_HOOK_LOCATION_IN_CAST_UNIT_NUMBERING advanced option to an .ini file, to the options.ini under the model folder, for example, and set it to TRUE. The default value is FALSE.
Note that setting the advanced option to TRUE means that columns, for example, that are otherwise identical will be regarded different in numbering, if the stirrup hooks are in different corners.
TTSD-10665 User interface Previously, the Save in location for new models was not properly saved in some cases. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11159 User interface Maximum zoom level in the orthogonal view is now one hundredth of a millimeter (0.01), and it is not possible to zoom closer than that.
Previously there was no limit.
TTSD-11327 User interface You can now edit user-defined attributes (UDAs), excluding those that affect numbering, in the Project Viewer configuration.
TTSD-1942 User interface The Custom Inquiry tool now properly loads the attributes from the Tekla Structures attributes folder hierarchy. Previously, it was always using the default attributes.
TTSD-3228 User interface In Floor layout and Wall layout, you can now again use the Delete key to delete break lines and openings.
TTSD-3430 User interface You can now select two or more rebar sets and modify their properties using the contextual toolbar.
TTSD-3785 User interface Previously, if you performed an operation that took a long time, Tekla Structures window turned black. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-5134 User interface In File menu > Project Properties > Description the limit for the length of the description is now 78 characters.
TTSD-5981 User interface When handles are visible, you can now snap to them, even when they are within an opaque object.
TTSD-7678 User interface Japanese language font is now correctly shown in reports.
TTSD-7911 User interface When you open or create a model, Tekla Structures now remembers correctly the manually typed or copy-pasted model path that you have used previously.
TTSD-7990 User interface Previously, when you selected a command in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box and used the keyboard down arrow to go to the last command in the displayed list, Tekla Structures crashed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9725 User interface Tekla Structures no longer crashes in certain situations when you select several objects in the model and then right-click on the model view.
TSAC-224, 131766 Import, export, interoperability (steel) In NC, the attribute file was not loaded correctly when encoding line was present. This has now been fixed.
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