How to use the Quick Access window

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

How to use the Quick Access window

You can use the Quick Access window to perform most actions directly from the keyboard.

Open Quick Access

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q to open the Quick Access window.

Quick Access Window layout

- Search box

- List of actions

- Selected action

To find and run an action

  1. Start typing in the search box at the top of the window.
    As you type, the top 10 matching actions are listed.
  2. Use the keyboard Up/ Down keys to navigate through the list, then press Enter to select and activate your chosen action/ command.
    1. Click “Show all matching actions” at the bottom of the window - or press the keyboard Ctrl+M keys - to see all matches.
    2. When the search box is empty, the last 10 available actions are listed giving rapid and convenient access to the actions/ commands you have been using recently.

      Note however that an action will not be listed if it is active. (For example the "Activate Stucture 3D" action will not be listed if the Stucture 3D view is the currently active view.)

Example actions

If no model is open Example actions
Only actions not greyed out on the ribbon can be listed and run.
Note: Global settings can only be listed when no model is open.
  • New

    HOME > File

  • Open

    HOME > File

  • Settings

    HOME > Settings

  • Materials

    HOME > Materials

  • Embodied Carbon Factors

    HOME > Materials

Once a model is open Example actions

All available File menu and ribbon commands:

  • Construction Levels

    MODEL > Levels

  • Rectangular Wizard

    MODEL > Grid & Construction Lines

  • Column

    MODEL > Steel

  • Beam

    MODEL > Concrete

  • plus many more...

Actions to open new views:

  • Open St.1 (1) 2D
  • Open FRM 1 (1) 2D
  • Etc.

Actions to switch from one view to another:

  • Activate Structure 3D

  • Activate St.1 (1) 2D

  • Activate FRM 1 (1) 2D

  • etc.

Actions to change the current view regime:

  • Switch to Structural View

  • Switch to Solver View

  • Switch to Results View

  • Switch to Review View

  • Switch to Slab Deflections View

Actions to locate and review individual Model Settings:
  • Units

    Model Settings > Units

  • Use load patterning for steel beams

    Model Settings > Loading > General > Load Patterns

  • plus many more...
Actions to open Analysis Settings, Design Settings, Draw Settings dialogs etc.
  • Settings

    ANALYZE > Settings

  • Settings

    DESIGN > Settings

  • etc.

Actions to define the selected entity's properties:

  • Rotation

    Properties > General

  • Grade

    Properties > All stacks

  • plus many more...

Actions to rotate the viewcube:

  • Set FRONT view mode

  • Set TOP-LEFT view mode

  • etc.

Scene content settings:

  • Steel Beam X (switches off the setting - the entity will be hidden)

    Scene Content > Members

  • Steel Column ✓ (switches on the setting - the entity will be displayed)

    Scene Content > Members

  • plus many more...
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