Create mat foundations

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Create mat foundations

Mat foundations support multiple columns and walls. Mats can be ground bearing, supported on piles, or both. Tekla Structural Designer contains he following commands for creating mat foundations:

  • Minimum Area: creates an overhanging polygonal mat to minimize the required area

  • Rectangular: creates an overhanging rectangular mat either at a specified angle to the global axes or at the smallest rectangular area aligned to the global axes

  • Strip: creates a constant width mat along a series of points that do not have to be on the same line

  • Area: creates an overhanging polygonal mat when you identify points around its outline

  • Bays: creates a mat with no overhang when you click within a closed grid area

  • Pile: creates individual piles underneath existing mats

  • Pile Array: creates an array of piles underneath existing mats

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