Manage files for a project management job

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Manage files for a project management job

Document Index is a place for storing files to be shared among other users. In Document Index, you can store various kinds of documents for reference, and modify, delete, open, and email these files.

Note: All project management jobs have their own document references.

You can either upload completely new document references, such as documents, Microsoft Outlook emails, and email attachments to Document Index, or add documents already loaded to Document Index for the current job.

To access Document Index, do one of the following:
  • In Combining, Estimating, Project Management, Production Control, and Purchasing, open the module and click Document Index/Doc Ind or press F8.
  • In Inventory, go to the Inventory ribbon tab and select Document Index.
  • In Order Entry, go to the Order Entry ribbon tab and select Document Index.

For Combining, Project Management, and Production Control, you are asked to select if you want to open the Document Index dialog box related to linked jobs.

The Document Index - By Category dialog box opens, displaying the documents referenced from the selected category. If a filename is highlighted in red, it indicates that the file cannot be found.

You can now edit document categories, add, edit, and delete document references, and open and email files.

Include Sub-Category Files: When selected, displays the files in any subcategories

Edit Categories: Customize the category organization. You can set a Document Index base category, add, rename, and delete categories.

Add Document Reference: Add a reference to a document from the currently selected category

Edit Document Reference: View or edit the reference details

Delete Document Reference: Delete the selected document references. This does not delete the file from the document index, it only removes the reference to that document. If you want to remove a file from the document index you must do it from the Document Index - By Directory dialog box. See Delete a file from Document Index.

Open File: Opens the selected file

Email File: Allows you to send the file by email

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