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Install Tekla PowerFab on a client

After server installation, you can proceed to client installations and defining the Default Directories for clients.

Before you start, write down your server name and IP address. You need them to set the connection to the server when you first log in to a client workstation.
  1. Go to Tekla Downloads and download the installer for the desired Tekla PowerFab version or service pack.

    To ensure that you are using the same version installed on the server, use the installation file downloaded for the server install.

  2. Double-click the installer to run the installation.
    1. Review the license agreement. Select Accept and click Next.
    2. From the drop-down menu, select the installation type Client.

      New Tekla PowerFab Installation

      is selected by default.
    3. Select the installation folder.
    4. Click Install.

      The Tekla PowerFab installation starts.

    5. When the installation is complete, close the installer.
  3. Open Tekla PowerFab using the desktop icon or the Windows Start menu.
  4. Sign in with a Trimble Identity.

    The Connection Settings dialog box opens with the default connection information.

  5. To connect to the server, change the Connection Settings information to your Tekla PowerFab server.

    Use either the IP address or the server name. Change the port only if it was set differently on the server.

  6. Sign in with a username and password for the database.
    If no username and password have been created for you, use the default values:
    • User: admin
    • Password: fab
Next, set the default directories and then exit Tekla PowerFab.
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