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Repair program errors

Administrators can use the Check/Repair Tables commands on the server computer to find and repair errors in Tekla PowerFab. When one of these commands is executed, the program information is checked against the MySQL database and any corrupt files are repaired.

Note: To repair errors, you must execute the Check/Repair Tables commands on the server computer. On other workstations, the Check/Repair Tables commands can help you find corrupted files, but the files cannot be repaired.
  1. Click the File ribbon tab in the upper-left corner of the Tekla PowerFab window.
  2. On the File menu, select Administration.
  3. Click the Administration ribbon tab.

  4. On the menu, select one of the following commands:
    • Check/Repair Tables: Quick (Fast)
    • Check/Repair Tables: Medium (Recommended)
    • Check/Repair Tables: Extended (Slow)

    The Check/Repair Tables dialog box opens, and the check and repair process starts.

    The more information is saved into Tekla PowerFab, the longer the check and repair process takes.

  5. In the Check/Repair Tables dialog box, review the result of the check and repair process.

  6. To close the dialog box, click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.
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