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You can create and import advance bills of materials, or combining jobs in the Tekla PowerFab Combining module.

You can either add combining jobs manually or import them as Microsoft Excel worksheets, KISS, or IFC files. The information in the imported files is automatically transferred into the applicable fields of the Combining module.

Once the materials have been entered in the Combining module, you can combine and recombine them using different material lengths. Then, you can compare the different combinations.

You can also send the combining materials to a requisition for pricing, or to a purchase order. Tekla PowerFab then marks the items that are sent to purchasing, so that they cannot be sent to purchasing again.

  • Before you start working in the Combining module, remember to set up the Combining module according to your needs.
  • While you have the Combining module with jobs for advanced bill of materials, combining is also a function used for material optimization in Combining, Estimating, Production Control, and Requisitions in Tekla PowerFab.

The combining function mults linear material and nests plate-type material to assign item records in the job to inventory or purchasable material. This creates a copy of the item record and appends it to the inventory item or item from pricing maintenance that can be purchased. Material that is in inventory or in pricing maintenance (suppliers) is considered available material.

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