Enable licensing logging

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Enable licensing logging

ATC debug logging may be required when you are contacting support in certain cases. This log may be needed from the server installation and one or multiple client installations. The support representative should inform you all the locations to enable it.

  1. Go into the computer’s Default Directories for the logs.

    Typically the location is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla\Tekla EPM\Log.

  2. Create a file named atc-debug-log-enabled.txt.

    Once the program or service starts, Tekla PowerFab applications (desktop, Tekla PowerFab Remote Server, etc.) begin writing information to the atc-debug.log file.

If you do not see data in the file after opening Tekla PowerFab, check the atc-debug-log-enabled.txt filename.

Especially when file extensions of known types are hidden in the Windows Explorer settings, the filename is accidentally created as atc-debug-log-enabled.txt.txt. This does not work.

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