Create your Trimble Identity

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Create your Trimble Identity

You need a Trimble Identity to download and use Tekla EPM.

The licenses of each Tekla EPM user are tied to the user's Trimble Identity. For this reason, users always need to sign in to Tekla EPM with their Trimble Identity. In addition, each Tekla EPM user needs to be added to the company's organization by a user with administrator rights.

If you are the named contact at your organization, Trimble automatically creates an account for you or connects your existing Trimble Identity to your organization. The named contact has administrator status and must add other users into the organization to enable their access to content and services that require a valid maintenance contract.

If you are the named contact, Trimble sends you an email with an invitation to accept membership in the organization group and complete the profile information if you did not have an existing Trimble Identity. You are then responsible for managing the organization group together with other administrators that you assign.

If you are not the named contact, you receive an email invitation to join the organization group when an administrator from your own organization invites you. You can also create a new Trimble Identity here.

If you are having problems using your Trimble Identity in Tekla Online services, see the troubleshooting information on this page.

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