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This macro will create and display a simple coordinate system for a part you select.


Notice above the red, green & blue coordinate system that was created for the highlighted beam. The colors of this coordinate system correspond to how the program looks at the front face of a part; red (x), green (y) and blue (z).



When the program creates a drawing of the highlighted part looking at the front face, it would be looking down on the intersection of this coordinate system from the end the z (blue) axis and placing the x (red) axis horizontally on the drawing, leaving the y (green) axis pointing upwards on the drawing. A scaled down drawing of this beam has been imported on top of the beam to help illustrate this.

Starting in v21.1, the above Macro is available in all US Environment Roles

  • Cast In Place

  • Engineering

  • Precast Detailing

  • Steel Detailing

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