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Goal and description
Installation Multi Report Generator
Using Multi Report Generator

Goal and description

This application allows to generate lists from all or selected objects on a model view.


Tekla Structures 2019 and above
.NET Framework version: 4.5.1
Environments:  All

Installation Multi Report Generator

To install the application:

If Tekla Structures is not started:
    Download the appropriate TSEP (Tekla Structures Extension Package) file from Tekla Warehouse
    Double-click on the .tsep file.
    In Tekla Structures Extension Manager, select the versions of Tekla Structures for which you want to install the application.
    Click on "Import".
    Copy the .tsep file under .\TeklaStructures\[version]\Extensions\To be installed

    Start Tekla Structures.

If Tekla Structures is started:
    Download the appropriate TSEP (Tekla Structures Extension Package) file from Tekla Warehouse.
    Click on the button menu in the Application & Components side panel and select Extension Manager.
    Click on Import.
    Select the .tsep file and click Open.
    Restart Tekla Structures to complete the installation.

Using Multi Report Generator

You will find the extension in the form of one macro in Applications & components.


Available options:
- Lists from all or selected objects
- Several reports simultaneously
- Various report template formats (txt, pdf, csv, html...)
- Search for report templates
- Changing the output file name
- Automatic opening of the list in the appropriate format
- Displaying the report folder
- Displaying already created lists
- Saving of favorites

Select objects in the model view (if Create from Selected). Select the template(s) and create the reports.

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