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Tekla Structures

L ASDO list creates a report on the parts and the tie rod systems in the model.


The size and system length is presented for the different tie rod systems in the report and also the including parts for every system. The Tie rod length is also presented, where the rod length is divided equally depending on which system is used. The material is only shown for the whole tie rod system. Observe that the weight is only an approximately weight. The report is filtering out only ASDO parts and assemblies in the model, which has ASDO written as default in the fabricator name field in the component. This means that an L ASDO list report can be created from the whole model without choosing any parts. The report also filtering the name Tierodsystem in the report, so don’t change that if you want to use this report correctly. Do not change the parts in the components manually, because this report uses the component settings.

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