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Part 1: Creating a Trimble ID and joining your organisation

A Trimble Identity must be created and must be assigned to your organisation in order to use Tekla Online Services which includes the use of online licenses. Follow the steps below to complete this process:

  1. Create a Trimble Identity - click here (we strongly recommend that you use your company email address)
  2. Upon completion of the required fields you will receive an email - open the email and click Activate Identity
  3. A new tab will open confirming the activation and will ask you to log in - click the link on the page to log in
  4. When logging in you will be taken to your profile page and prompted to: 
  • Read/accept the Privacy Policy/Terms and Condition
  • Select your country
  1. Click Save when the above is complete
  2. Click the My Organization tab (top left) then select your organisation from the list - a notification of your request will be sent to your organisation administrator’s account who, upon acceptance of your request, will grant access to your organisation’s account
If your organisation is not listed within step 6 you can do either of the following:
  • Contact your organisation administrator and request an email invitation to join your organisation - instructions for this process can be found here (scroll down to select/expand Add users to your organization)
  • Contact your local support team who will be able to provide your account with access to your organisation


Part 2: Configuring your software product

Once your account has been created, follow the steps below to configure your software e.g. Tekla Tedds to use the online license(s).
If you don’t have any Tekla software installed, follow the steps below:
  1. Install your software product(s) - download from our website here
  2. During installation when asked to select a default License Method, select Tekla Online. If you also have on-site server licenses, select Automatic
If you already have Tekla software installed, follow the steps below:
  1. Ensure you have the software version installed (see steps above)
  2. Go to Start > Tekla > System and User settings (this will open the Software Licensing Configuration)
  3. Select Products on the left then select the relevant product on the right
  4. Switch the License Method to Online (If you also have on-site server licenses, select Automatic)
  5. Click OK to close the Software Licensing Configuration
When the steps above are complete, launch your software product - you will be prompted to Sign in.
Sign in using your Trimble ID credentials - your software product will now launch
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