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We have got several customer cases relating to problems in Trimble online services, like not being able to use Tekla Model Sharing, Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer or Tedds online licenses. Problems are related to the ongoing Trimble Identity renewal and they are appearing in the versions which are not supporting the new Trimble Identity.


First, make sure that your firewall and antivirus allows the traffic to the following domains:

If this did not resolve your issue, continue with the following troubleshooting steps.


We strongly recommend you to update to the Service Packs or versions that are supporting the new Trimble Identity:

  • Tekla Structures 2017 SP13, 2017i SP11, 2018 SP12, 2018i SP10, 2019 SP12, 2019i SP10, 2020 SP9, 2021
  • Tekla Structural Designer version 2021 
  • Tekla Tedds version 2021

Remember to sign out from Tekla Structures before installing the latest SP.

  • If updating is not possible or if you are using Tekla Structures versions 2016i or older, try to sign out and then sign back in to Tekla Structures.
  • If sign-out and sign-in is not helping, check that Internet Explorer has been updated to version 11 and JavaScript is enabled.
  • If the sign-in dialog just flashes you can try clearing the cookies of Internet Explorer 11. For more information, see these instructions
  • If you are using Tekla Structures 2017 or newer, it may be helpful to reset your password using the Forgot password? functionality on the Trimble Identity sign in page. This has helped in some cases. See the instructions below.



Tekla Structures 21.0, 21.1, 2016, and 2016i use different technology for signing in than the newer Tekla products. You can manage your password for these versions through Trimble Identity Legacy Password Administration tool:

  • If you have not used Tekla Model Sharing in the past couple of months with Tekla Structures 21.0, 21.1, 2016, or 2016i, you need to set your password with this tool before you can join Tekla Model Sharing projects with these old Tekla Structures versions.
  • With this tool you can also change your existing password for the old Tekla Structures versions.


FIXED: Cannot sign in to Trimble Identity via Tekla Structures (2021-08-24 7:21 UTC)

There was an issue where a user tried to sign in to Trimble Identity via Tekla Structures, and the browser said that they are signed in, but Tekla Structures did not receive the sign-in information. Instead, Tekla Structures only provided options to 'Retry' or 'Cancel'. This issue occurred only on some Windows 7 installations and affected only the latest service packs with the integration with the Improved Trimble Identity. Please report to your local support, if you're still experiencing this issue.


FIXED: Trimble Identity sign-in stability for concurrency and multiple instances (2021-08-21 12:27 UTC)

We have fixed the Trimble Identity sign-in stability issues for concurrency and multiple instances. These fixes keep users signed in while running Tekla apps that use concurrency (i.e. multiple processes) and while running two instances of a Tekla product (e.g. Tekla Structures 2020 & Tekla Structures 2019) simultaneously. Please report to your local support, if you're still experiencing this issue.

FIXED: Need to sign in several times per day (2021-08-19 17:42 UTC)

There was an issue of Tekla Model Sharing users needing to sign in several times per day. This has been fixed. Please report to your local support, if you're still experiencing this issue.


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