Admin guideline on purchasing and managing access to Tekla eLearning courses

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Tekla Structures
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Purchasing access to Tekla eLearning courses

How to purchase
View your local training offering at and contact your local Trimble office to purchase access to Tekla eLearning courses.
If you cannot find the training you need, please contact your Trimble office.

License delivery
Access to Tekla eLearning courses is delivered as licenses. Tekla eLearning licenses are delivered directly to your organization in Tekla Online Admin Tool. Your organization’s delivery contact receives delivery notifications by e-mail.

Managing Tekla eLearning licenses

Assigning course access to users
Using Tekla Online Admin Tool, go to the Employees tab and select the employees who will have access to the Tekla eLearning course. Let the employees know that they have access, and guide them to to take the course.
Please note that you cannot re-assign course access.

Monitoring the use of licenses
Use Tekla Online Admin Tool to monitor Tekla eLearning license usage.
On Employees tab you can see who have access to the elearning course. On License details tab you can view how long trainees can access their courses.

How to release license in use
Tekla eLearning licenses are personal and cannot be released after assigning.

Employees / external license users
To access a Tekla eLearning course, the users need to be able to consume your organization’s Tekla eLearning licenses. This requires that
  • the user must be listed as an employee for the organization, or
  • the user needs to be listed as an external users for the organization
Admin can invite users to join the organization, and the user needs to approve the invitation. For more information, see Managing Trimble Identities.
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