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Define result formats

Tedds for Word allows you to specify how a result appears in your document. To do so, you can define the format and precision of your results. For more information on defining result formats and precision, see the following paragraphs.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Use a format other than the default for a particular results field

  1. Type the appropriate results symbol (# or ?).
  2. Type a format string that contains the following components:
    • A format letter to define the format
    • A precision number to define the precision
    Note: If no format string is specified, Tedds for Word uses the default format.
    To define the default format of results:
    1. In the Tools ribbon group, click More > Tedds options.

    2. Go to Calculating > Results.

Format letters and precision numbers

Valid format letters for results

See the valid format letters to define the format in the table below:
Letters Meaning
F Fixed format
S Scientific format
G General format
E Engineering format
O Output format

Valid precision numbers

The precision number indicates the precision of the required results, and should be in the range of 15 and -15.
  • A positive number indicates the required number of decimal places or significant figures.
  • A negative number indicates that the result will be rounded to a nearest value which depends on the magnitude of the negative number.

Tedds for Word returns all results in a results field. Each results field has two parts:

  1. The result part

    which contains the formatted result of a calculation. The result part is automatically shown when the result has been calculated.

  2. The field code part

    which contains the format string of the results field.

To view the field code part, in the Show/Hide ribbon group, select Field Codes.


a = 50.5 mm

b = 60.75 mm

c = a * b = #E3 = ?F2 cm²

With the Field Codes option unselected, Tedds for Word views:

c = a * b = (3.07 * 10 – 3) = 30.68cm²

With the Field Codes selected, Tedds for Word views:

c = a * b = {=CSC|#E3} = {=CSC|?F2} cm²

Define formats for intermediate results

The default intermediate result format is initially set to engineering format and 3 significant figures.

To define the format of an intermediate result:
  • Type # and the desired format string.

Define formats for final results

The default final result format is initially set to fixed format and 3 decimal places.

You can either define the format for a final result, or specify both its format and precision. However, you can not specify only the precision of a final result.

To define the format of a final result:
  • Type ? and the desired format string.

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