Snap objects with respect to each other

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Snap objects with respect to each other

The Section Designer allows you to position shapes on your canvas by positioning two objects with respect to each other.


When you select multiple objects, the squares that surround the object that you have last selected are gray.

The squares that surround previously selected objects are white.

The color is important for snapping the items. The object that you want to move should be surrounded by grey squares, whereas the sqaures around the other object should be white.

If you select the objects in the wrong order, then you can hold the Shift key down and click over the object twice (to deselect it and then select it again). You can also old the Ctrl key down and click the object.

  1. Select the two objects that you want to snap to one another.
  2. Ensure that the object that you want to move is surrounded by gray squares, and that the object that should remain stationary is surrounded by white squares.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • In the toolbar, click the Snap Shapes button.

    • Click Edit > Snap Shapes...

    The Snap Shapes dialog box appears.

  4. Use the Snapping buttons determine the face of the moving object that you want to snap to the stationary object.
  5. To align the objects with each other, select the appropriate alignment option.
  6. To move the object once you have snapped it, type the distance for the moving object in the fields of the Offset section.

    You can only move the object parallel to the face that been snapped to the stationary objet. Therefore, the alternate field is disabled.

  7. To perform the snap, click OK.
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