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Adjust user options

  1. To see the user options, in the Section Designer window , click File > User Options....

    The User Options dialog box opens.

    The User Options dialog box contains the following settings:
    • Automatic calculation of properties

      If you select the Automatic calculation of properties option, Section Designer automatically calculates the properties of the section each time you add, remove, move or modify a section shape in any way.

      This means that you can view the properties of your section at any time. However, if your section contains many shapes, it may take some time for the properties to be calculated.

      To view section properties, first open the Section Properties dialog box. Then, as you modify your section, the current properties will be displayed.

    • Density

      Besides the type and dimensions of each primary shape (rectangle, circle, triangle, and hole), Section Designer needs to know the density of each shape.

      The value that you type in the Density field is used as the default value for all shapes that you define.

      If necessary, you can change the density of a shape separately.

    • Input label set

      allows you to select which units you want to use while creating your section.

    • Output label set

      allows you to select which units you want to use for output.


      The Input label set and Output label set options are completely independent. Therefore, you can select different unit systems for input and output.

    • Output sketch

      The Output sketch options allow you to control the sketch of the section. They do not affect returning section properties to Tedds.

      • If you select No, no sketch is created.
      • If you select To document, a sketch is inserted in your calculation document.
      • If you select To Sketch Viewer, the sketch is created and inserted in Sketch Viewer. You can then manipulate the sketch and insert it wherever you like in your document.
    • Zoom to fit before copy to calcs

      If you select the Zoom to fit before copy to calcs option, Section Designer zooms the created sketch so that the section fills the sketch.

  2. Once you have adjusted the settings according to your needs, click OK.

    The options are registered, and the User Options... dialog box closes.

Set and use the grid

The grid of the Section Designer window makes it easy to create accurately sized and positioned shapes. You can set the spacing of the grid points to meet your needs, modifying it as necessary while you define of the section.

Click View > Grid Properties....

The Grid Properties dialog box appears.

The Grid Properties dialog box contains the following options:

  • Grid Visible

    The Grid Visible allows you to select whether you want to see the grid in the Section Designer window. The grid is displayed as a series of dots.

  • Snap to grid on drag

    allows you to determine whether you want shapes to automatically snap to the nearest grid point when you move them. If the Snap to grid on drag option is not selected, the creation and movement of shapes is unrestrained.

  • Angle snap

    When you rotate objects with this option checked the rotation is limited to 15° increments (15°, 30°, 45° and such like). With this option cleared, any rotation is possible.

  • Grid Color

    allows you to determine the color of the grid points.

  • Grid Spacing

    allows you to specify the spacing between the grid points both horizontally and vertically.

    The units that are expected depend on the size of the canvas that you have selected.

    You can change the grid spacing at any time while creating a section to allow more precise control for small shapes.

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