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Interface Designer

The Interface Designer is a tool for creating customized dialogs, also known as interfaces, that allow the user to enter data for multiple input fields in the same place. Interfaces help you to make your calculations more user-friendly, intelligent, and automated.

By using interfaces in your calculation, you can:
  • Have all the input data visible and presented at the start of the calculation.

  • Group related input together in a logical way.

  • Enter data with the help of multiple control types, for example check boxes and lists.

  • Validate input when it is entered.

  • Apply maximum and minimum values to input.

  • Scroll through and revise input before continuing the calculation.

  • Add buttons for making selections from data lists, data tables, and so on.

  • Add sketches and notes to the interface to illustrate the calculation.


The Interface Designer is only available in Tedds for Word.

To start the Interface Designer, do the following:

  1. In the Insert ribbon group, click User Interface.

    The Manage User Interfaces dialog box appears.

  2. Select where you want to insert the user interface and click New.

    The Tedds Interface Designer window opens, displaying an empty interface template.

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