Run Analyze All (Static)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Run Analyze All (Static)

Static designs can only be performed provided suitable analysis results exist - while these results are created when you run a combined analysis and member design, in some situations you may prefer to run the analysis separately and then selectively design parts of the model as required.

Analyze All (Static) facilitates this as it performs all the analyses for static loadcases and active static load combinations that are required to enable the selective designs to be carried out.

To run a separate analysis in this way proceed as follows:

On the Analyze tab, click Analyze All (Static).

Tekla Structural Designer performs the following analyses:

  • 1st order linear/non-linear
  • 2nd order linear/non-linear (only if this has been specified by the user in Design > Design Settings > Analysis))
  • Grillage chasedown (if one or more concrete members exist)
  • FE chasedown (if two-way spanning slabs exist)

At the end of the analyses if a 2D or 3D view is active it is switched to a Review View.

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