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Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Show/alter state

The Show/Alter State commands allow you to efficiently review and modify various model properties. For each of the commands, entities are color coded in accordance with a legend, and the entity color changes to reflect any changes as they are made.

In the Properties window, you can use filters for most Show/Alter State commands. The filters allow you to control both the visibility of entities by their current setting and their adjustability by their type and characteristic. Inactive but visible entities are shaded a light transparent grey whose opacity you can also control, if necessary.

To access the Show/Alter State commands, do the following:

  1. Open a Review view.
  2. On the Review toolbar, click Show/Alter State.
  3. Go to the Properties window.
  4. Choose the command required from the Attribute list:
    Option Description
    Active set single span members to be active/inactive
    All properties copy all properties between members
    Assume cracked set concrete members as either cracked or uncracked
    Autodesign review or modify autodesign settings
    BIM Status modify BIM status, or exclude members/panels from BIM import/export
    Bracing/Braced modify slenderness settings in each direction for concrete columns and walls
    Cantilever end mark beam and column ends as cantilevers
    Deflection Limits review and copy specified deflection limits between steel beams
    Diaphragm select the slab items, roof panels, and nodes to be included in diaphragms
    Drift check review check status, or specify members to be checked
    Fixed/Pinned review and modify member end fixity
    Gravity only review and modify the gravity only setting of beams and columns
    Material Grade review and copy the material grade between members
    Punch check position modify assumed punching shear check positions
    Copy quick connector layout copy the connector layout from one beam to others
    Restraints review and modify lateral restraint settings of steel beams, columns, trusses and portal frames
    Rotational stiffness review and modify rotational stiffness settings of beam ends
    Section review and copy section sizes between members
    SFRS Type and Direction review or modify SFRS type and direction
    Shear Connectors copy shear connector properties between composite beams
    Size Constraints review and copy specified size constraints for steel beams, columns, and braces
    SidePlates review the status and locations where SidePlate connections have been applied to steel beams
    Stud auto layout modify the stud auto layout setting of composite beams
    Sway check review check status, or specify members to be checked
    Transverse reinforcement modify the transverse reinforcement of composite beams
    UDA review and modify user defined attributes applied to members
    User defined U/R review and modify user defined utilization ratios
    Web Openings copy web opening properties between members
    Westok Openings copy Westok opening properties between members
    Wind drift review check status, specify members to be checked and set the limit

    You can use Ctrl + A as a shortcut to quickly scroll the Attribute list.

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