2022 SP1: Nouvelles fonctionnalités et améliorations

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2022 SP1: Nouvelles fonctionnalités et améliorations

Le dernier Service Pack de Tekla EPM 2022 est disponible dans Tekla Downloads.


Numéro de défaut Zone de développement Description
EPM-6251 Estimating

The IFC file import now supports square-slots as holes.

EPM-6322 Estimating

In Estimating, it was not possible to update the manual cost of an existing assembly item. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-5653 Project management

Emailing an RFI where "my company" is neither an originator nor a recipient now results in a request or response report generated to email.

EPM-6306 Project management

Drawing log batch insert fields now carry-over only if they are selected to do so in the settings.

EPM-6383 Project management

The date inputs no longer accepted a partial month/day entry (auto-filling the current year) and instead produced an error that the value "Must be a valid date". This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6146 Production control

In a production control job, when drilled down on sequence or lot # in the navigation tree, the totals for that sequence or lot now appear in the summary section.

EPM-6321 Production control

In Production Control, assemblies that have a partial quantity sequenced and the rest unsequenced were not included in the totals in the Production Status dialog box when summarized by sequence. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6323 Production control

In Production control, an error occurred when running cut list reports filtered on Shape, Shape & Grade, or Shape, Grade & Size. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6332 Production control

In Production Control, the filters were disregarded when running reports with the Include Full Assembly of Filtered Parts option enabled when the selected filter matched no items. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6359 Production control

When combining in Production Control, using either the MULT or NEST options did not properly restrict the included shapes. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6377 Production control

Importing an Advance Steel .smlx file into Production Control failed when there were parts in the file that have no numeric values in the dimension. This has now been fixed.

EPM-6374 Requisitions

In Requisitions, when combining a requisition and saving the results, the quantity of items with a shape that had no length property, like bolts, nuts, or washers, were not properly reduced. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6364 Combining

When saving split results from a combining run, an error occurred for users that did not have administrator permissions. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6318 Integrations

A check for whether ProNest plates are marked as deleted in the ProNest database has been added.

EPM-6324 Integrations

The remnants name field in ProNest is not overwritten with the plate dimensions any more.

EPM-6325 Integrations

Now Country of Origin has been added as mappable field in Inventory Export to ProNest.

EPM-6326 Integrations

Now Supplier has been has been added as mappable field in Inventory Export to ProNest.

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