Tekla Portal Frame Designer 21 & Tekla Connection Designer 21 Release notes

Tekla Portal Frame Designer
Tekla Connection Designer
Tekla Connection Designer
Tekla Portal Frame Designer


If you intend to use either Tekla Portal Frame Designer and/or Tekla Connection Designer program and wish to INTEGRATE with Tekla Structural Designer it is highly recommended the corresponding version of Tekla Structural Designer is installed.

Installation & licensing

This release will upgrade your Tekla Portal Frame Designer & Tekla Connection Designer installation to version number and should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program.

  • Licensing:
    • New Licenses - Tekla Portal Frame Designer 21 & Tekla Connection Designer 21 will require the activation of a new license.  You should already be in possession of your Product Activation Key (PAK) as these are usually distributed prior to the software release.  Please contact your local Service Department now if you do not have your PAK.  To minimise any down time we advise that your PAK is activated BEFORE installing the software.
    • License Server - If you have chosen to have a separate licence server, it is always our recommendation that you also run the latest version of the Tekla Structural License Service on it to ensure compatibility. Please see System Requirements for specific version details.
  • Installation
    • This version will remove any previous version and install
  • Integration:
    • Tekla Structural Designer - if you wish to integrate Tekla Portal Frame Designer 21 and/or Tekla Connection Designer 21 with Tekla Structural Designer you MUST install Tekla Structural Designer 2021 available from the Tekla Download Service.

Fixes & Enhancements

The following updates and enhancements have been included in this release:

  • [TSD-6127]1 - The propensity for the deep end of a haunch to become Class 4 has increased with the adoption of EC3 design. To mitigate against this, improvements have been made to the classification of haunched rafters.The Class 4 haunch ‘situation’ has much improved for strength checks, but has not gone away, particularly for member stability checks. For more details, see the following article: Improvements to classification of haunched rafters to EC3
  • [TSD-8907]1 - The facility to carry out a Fire Check to SCI P313 for BS design has been extended to EC3. While there is no guidance in the Eurocodes as these 'Boundary Condition' requirements emanate from the UK Building Regulations, users have indicated that they would find it useful to be able to carry out these checks when the main frame design is to EC3.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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