Units and decimals in drawings, reports and templates

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Units and decimals in drawings, reports and templates

Unit settings used in drawing objects, and reports and templates created in Template Editor are taken from different places. These settings include, for example, the used unit and the number of decimals.

In drawings, reports and templates, the units and decimals are defined in the following way:

  • Unit settings for marks: Tekla Structures uses the contentattributes_global.lst attributes file for setting the default unit and decimal settings for various mark elements. You can use contentattributes_userdefined.lst when you want to configure settings of your own.

    For more information about unit settings in marks, see Change unit settings for marks.

    For more information about the contentattributes_global.lst and contentattributes_userdefined.lst files, see Template attribute files (contentattributes.lst).

  • Unit settings for drawing objects: Default unit settings for drawing objects (other than marks) either come from the standard drawing properties files ( standard.* ) or are hardcoded in Tekla Structures.
  • Unit settings for dimensions in dimension tags: Default unit settings for dimensions and dimension tags are defined in the Options dialog box on the Drawing dimensions page.
  • Level attributes in marks , such as TOP_LEVEL , and BOTTOM_LEVEL take the dimension format from the MarkDimensionFormat.dim file. For more information about level attributes in part marks, see Add level attributes in automatic part marks.
  • Unit settings for reports/templates created with Template Editor: Unit settings for reports and templates created in Template Editor can be defined in the Value Field Properties dialog box Format area or in format functions. The default unit and decimal settings are taken from the contentattributes_global.lst attributes file.

    Format area:

    Formula containing a format function:

    For tips for using format functions, see Use format functions in value fields. For more information about formats and value fields, see Template Editor User's Guide.

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