Define printing paper size and print area h*b

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Define printing paper size and print area h*b

You need to define paper size and print area h*b for each printer instance you add in Printer Catalog. This applies to printing when the advanced option XS_USE_OLD_PLOT_DIALOG is set to TRUE.

The instructions below apply when you are printing using Printer Catalog printer instances, which means that you have set the advanced option XS_USE_OLD_PLOT_DIALOG to TRUE in File menu > Settings > Advanced options > Printing.

  1. On the File menu, click Printing > Choose printer.
  2. In the Printer Catalog, select the printer instance.
  3. Use the Paper size setting to select the paper size used in printing:
    • Named paper size: Tekla Structures lists a named paper sizes for most sizes A3 and smaller. Selecting one of the listed sizes is recommended for A3 printers and smaller.
    • By print area: The printer selects the paper size based on the print area. This option is recommended for A2 printers and larger. If you use a named paper size with a larger printer than A3, drawings larger than the print area are cropped to the size of the print area.
    • None: Sends no size information to the printer. This option provides legacy support for Xsteel 5.0 and is not recommended for use in other circumstances.
  4. Enter the Print area h*b:
    • Tekla Structures uses the print area values to position the printout on the paper. Ensure that the values for h and b relate to the paper size required.

      Usually the value is the paper size less the hard clip margins of the printer. For example, if the paper size is 297*420, the print area could be 407 * 284. See your printer documentation for the hard clip margins of your printer.

    • Usually for roll feed printers, h defines the roll width direction and b defines the roll feed direction. Usually for tray feed printers, h defines the tray feed direction, and b defines the tray width direction. Enter the values, and test how the printing works. If you can see, that the direction is wrong, switch the h and b values.

    • When you are printing from Tekla Structures, it uses the values set for the printer in the Tekla Structures printer instance settings in the Printer Catalog, and overrides for these settings the Windows printer settings.

  5. Click OK and confirm the change.

To print to different paper sizes, you can define several printer instances, each using a different paper size, but all connected to the same physical printer. For more information about setting up print devices in Microsoft Windows, see your operating system documentation.

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