Administrator's release notes: Reinforcement drawing tools

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Administrator's release notes: Reinforcement drawing tools

Rebar group dimensioning

  • The Extra marks tab was split into two separate extra mark tabs Extra marks in front and Extra marks behind.

    On each tab it is possible to define the content of Mark 1 and Mark 2.

    The grouping and positioning the marks for extra marks in front and extra marks behind is placed only on the first extra marks tab.

  • Now you can define the space between mark 1 and mark 2 using the new setting Space between Mark1 and Mark2 on the Advanced settings tab. On the same tab, Next mark spacing was moved under the new area Grouping and renamed to Group mark spacing. Rebar group tolerance was also moved to the Grouping area and renamed to Grouping tolerance.

  • Rebar length output method Sum values A B C has been renamed to Sum of exact lengths on the Mark 1Mark 3 tabs.

Rebar group marking

  • On the Mark 3 tab you can now define how to rotate the mark text using the new setting Mark rotation. You can rotate the mark text horizontally and vertically or to the mark line direction (default). Default mark line direction is conserved.

  • You can now have a frame around mark elements. Note that symbols, new lines and pullout pictures cannot have a frame.

  • Origin sum values A B C have been replaced by the sum of exact lengths.

Rebar pullout picture and marking

  • Added new line colors (added missing color options)

  • Fixed option "m/cm" in segments length

    Fixed 0.0 cm issue in drawings

    Fixed conversion to Tekla Structures value through dimensions.

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