Other drawing improvements

Tekla Structures
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Other drawing improvements

There are a lot of other improvements in many of the drawing features. For example, you can now organize your documents in manual categories in Document manager. Dragging in drawings has been made much easier and simpler, and the rebar drawing tools have also been updated. Furthermore, drawing view labels have new alignment options.

Improvements in Document manager

Drawing list button name changed to Document manager

  • On the Drawings & reports tab on the ribbon, the command button name has been changed to Document manager.

  • In Quick Launch , you can enter either document manager or drawing list. The actual command name is Document manager (drawing list).

Document manager category dialog box resizable

  • The Document manager category dialog box has been improved to allow resizing in order to make search strings and other properties more easily visible. The category dialog box width is saved and restored from the data saved in the model as the dialog box is closed and then re-opened.

Performance improvements

  • Performance of some Document manager operations on drawings has been improved.

Organize your documents in manual categories

Sometimes you may need to have a document category in Document manager for documents that would be difficult to categorize using the search. Now you can simply select documents, create a manual category and add your documents there. You can also add documents to and remove documents from existing manually created categories, and combine categories, both search-based and manual ones. A manual category may contain both drawings and file documents.

Creating a manual category may be useful, for example, when you have enabled the Show changes from the checkpoint set when the button is activated feature in Document manager , and then when some documents have changed and are listed, you can add the changed documents in a manual category.
ToDo this

Create a new manual category and add documents there

  • Select the documents from the list, right-click and select Manual category > Add to new . Then type a name for the category, an optional tooltip, and define other necessary settings. Then click Save.

Options are the same as in the search-based categories, except that the functionality related to search strings, and the Test button are missing if there are documents associated. If there are no documents associated, then the search controls are visible and the category could become a search-based category or a manual category.

The newly created or modified manual categories are saved to the DocumentManagerCategories_<user>.xml file under the current model folder.

Add documents to an existing manual category

  • Select the documents from the list, right-click and select Manual category > Add to existing and then select the desired category.

All compatible manual categories are listed. You can add the selected documents to several categories.

Save recently changed documents in a new manual category

  • When you have enabled the Show changes from the checkpoint set when the button is activated switch in Document manager , and then when you disable this switch, you will get the following message: Turning off 'Show changes' will reset the changes checkpoint and lose the history of which documents have changed since the checkpoint was set. Are you sure you wish to continue?. Select Create new category.

You can also select to turn the switch off and lose the history.

Edit a manual category

  • Right-click the category in the category list and select Edit.

Remove documents from a manual category

Do one of the following:

  • Select the documents from the list, right-click, select Manual category > Remove from and then select the category from which to remove the documents.

  • Select manual categories first so that all documents in those categories are listed, right-click the list, and select Manual category > Remove from selected .

Delete a manual category

  • Right-click the category in the category list, and select Delete.

Improvements in Document manager search

  • In Document manager , when you carry out a general search, which means that you are not defining specific properties to search for in the search string, the values you are searching for are only checked against properties that are visible, and hidden column properties are now ignored.

New options for aligning view labels

Previously, you could only center view labels horizontally by view frame or by view restriction box in drawing view label properties. Now you have more options available:

  • Left aligned to view frame

  • Center aligned to view frame

  • Right aligned to view frame

  • Left aligned to view restriction box

  • Center aligned to view restriction box

  • Right aligned to view restriction box

Dragging in drawings

  • The Settings section in the File menu in the drawing mode contains a new switch Drawing drag & drop. You can now move drawing objects such as annotations, sketch objects and grid lines without selecting the objects first.

  • You can also move handle points of sketch objects without first selecting the handles when you have activated Drawing drag & drop : Hold down the left mouse button close to the handle point and drag the handle point to the new position.

    Note that if you want to drag the handle points of grid labels, you still need to select the grid line first.

  • Smart select has been removed from the drawing mode. The new drag-and-drop functionality contains this functionality. With the new drawing drag-and-drop it is no longer necessary to deselect the previous object when starting to drag a new one.

Zoom selected now works in drawings

  • Now when you select a drawing object or a drawing window, right-click and select Zoom > Zoom selected , Tekla Structures zooms to the selected object or view. Earlier, Zoom selected only worked in the modeling mode. Zooming to the selected view is especially handy in large GA drawings containing a lot of views.

Changes in snapshot creation

  • The functionality of the advanced option XS_DRAWING_SNAPSHOT_CREATION has changed. When you save a drawing, you are no longer asked if you want to create a snapshot. When this advanced option is set to TRUE (default), the snapshot is always taken when you save a drawing, and never taken if set to FALSE.

Drawing creation

  • When you create several drawings at a time, Tekla Structures shows a progress dialog with a Cancel button. However, clicking the Cancel button did not stop creating new drawings, but created them without templates. This has now been fixed. Moreover, now the dialog box also shows two progress bars: the first bar shows what is done for each drawing, and it goes back and forth. The second bar proceeds steadily after every drawing.

Improvements in reinforcement drawing tools

Rebar group marking

  • On the Mark 3 tab you can now define how to rotate the mark text using the new setting Mark rotation. You can rotate the mark text horizontally and vertically or to the mark line direction (default).

  • Rebar length output method Sum values A B C has been renamed to Sum of exact lengths on the Mark 1Mark 3 tabs.

Rebar group dimensioning

  • Text placement has been improved so that texts do not overlap with each other or with rebar.

  • The dimension line is now created correctly also in the case the rebar group bars are only partially visible in a drawing view.

  • The first and last rebar lines were missing. This has now been fixed.

  • Now it is possible to also group together regularly represented groups.

  • You can now also dimension circular bar groups.

  • The beam type pad footing dimensioning is working again.

  • The order of mark content elements is now correct in all use cases. The fix also applies to extra marks.

  • Rebar length output method Sum values A B C has been renamed to Sum of exact lengths.

  • The extra marks are now positioned correctly.

  • The tool now adds a correct number of dimension lines, and the lines are aligned correctly.

  • In one-bar groups, the CC value is now 0.0.

  • The static content of the mark placed in the direction of the dimension line is now customizable. You can specify the content on the Extra marks in front or Extra marks behind tabs.

  • The first type in the Annotation type list on the Parameters tab has changed. The marks behind the dimension line are no longer shown there. Also the image is new.

  • Bar grouping has been changed so that the border bar at spacing change goes to the group of smaller spacing.

  • Now you can define the space between mark 1 and mark 2 using the new setting Space between Mark1 and Mark2 on the Advanced settings tab. On the same tab, Next mark spacing was moved under the new area Grouping and renamed to Group mark spacing. Rebar group tolerance was also moved to the Grouping area and renamed to Grouping tolerance.

  • More space between fields was added to prevent overlapping on 4K screens. The Rebar group marking plugin was also adapted for 4K screens.

  • Fixed the incorrectly dimensioned rebar groups in some combinations of distribution bar type and excluding start/end bars. The fix affects the situations when you had selected Exclude first , Exclude last or Exclude first and last , and combined it with one the following types of distribution: Equal distribution by target spacing value , By exact spacing value with flexible first space , By exact spacing value with flexible last space , or By exact spacing value with flexible first and last space.

  • The dimensions arrows were positioned incorrectly when you were using the setting Visibility of reinforcing bars in group with the option two bars in the middle of group. This has now been fixed.

Rebar pull-out picture and marking

  • The placement and accuracy of rebar segment lengths has been improved.

  • There are now more colors available for lines.

  • Rebars are now selected from the selected part only.

  • Drawing is now not saved in case the tool is called within the opened active drawing

  • Prevented a crash when the rebar size contains non-numeric characters, such as "HA20".

  • Unit setting "cm m" on the Dimensions tab now works correctly.

  • The pull-out picture creation of spiral and circular reinforcement now works correctly. Previously it caused Tekla Structures to hang.

  • Text placement has been improved so, that texts do not overlap with each other or rebar.

  • Dimension text placement has been improved to use less space, when borders are in use.

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