Working collaboratively within a Tekla Structures model

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Working collaboratively within a Tekla Structures model

To work collaboratively within a Tekla Structures model, you can select out of the different methods:

Tekla Model Sharing

With Tekla Model Sharing, a global team can work efficiently within one model regardless of the team location and time zones. Each user has a local version of the model on their computer. The model data is shared and synchronized over internet, and stored to a cloud-based Tekla Model Sharing service.

It is possible to work also offline. Internet connection is needed only when you want to share your model changes.

Tekla Model Sharing requires a license.

Multi-user mode

Multi-user mode also allows several users to access the same model simultaneously. Multi-user mode is suitable for local teams with projects where the team members do not necessarily have an internet connection.

In multi-user mode a server computer runs the multi-user server, a file server computer contains the multi-user master model and client computers run Tekla Structures. The multi-user model consists of a single master model on the file server computer and local views to the master model, called working models, on each users' computer. The model synchronization is done by saving the working model to the master model.

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a collaboration tool that connects the constructible data. Trimble Connect enables architects, engineers, contractors, owners and operators to collaborate in building projects.

Trimble Connect is available as a cloud-based platform (Trimble Connect for Browser) and a Windows application (Trimble Connect for Windows). Projects are synchronized between the Windows app and the cloud.

Link a Tekla Structures model to a Trimble Connect project, and then, for example, add, upload, and download files and work in the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer.

To learn more about Trimble Connect, see:


Tekla Model Sharing and multi-user mode do not work together. When you want to work collaboratively, you need to select which one of the methods to use.

If your company takes part in external projects, or if more than one user works with the same model at different locations, we recommend that you use Tekla Model Sharing. With Tekla Model Sharing, the users in your company can work with the same shared model, offline and with high performance, and synchronize the changes with other team members even in a low-speed network.

If you work in a local team and prefer not to use internet while working on your models, you can use multi-user mode.

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