Level mark properties in drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Level mark properties in drawings

Use the settings in level mark properties to view and modify level mark contents, appearance, and placing.

To display level mark properties in an open drawing:

  • Click an existing level mark in the drawing. If the property pane is not open, double-click the level mark.
  • Hold down Shift and, on the Annotations ribbon tab, click Level mark.
  • Open the object type list in the property pane and click Level mark.
  • To open the level mark properties in a dialog box, in Quick Launch, start typing "level mark properties", and select Level mark properties in the displayed list.



Save, load and search level mark properties
  • To load existing level mark properties, select the properties from the list.
  • To save the modified level mark properties, enter a new name and click .
  • To search for a propery, start typing the property name.


Display the text that you type in front of the mark.

Prefix for positive value

+ displays a + character in front of the value.

Numeric value

Define if the numeric values are visible or hidden.


Display the text that you type after the mark.

Font color, Font, Font height

Define the level mark text font color, font type, and font height.

Frame , Frame color

Define the frame type and color.



To hide the part of the drawing that is covered by the level mark, select Opaque. To show the part of the drawing that is covered by the mark, select Transparent.

Numeric value


Define the units used in level mark dimensions. The available values are automatic, mm, cm, m, foot - inch, inch and feet.


Defines the precision of the level mark dimensions.


Defines the format of the level mark dimensions.

Digit grouping

Defines whether to use some grouping options to represent the level mark dimensions.

Leader line
Leader line

Defines the type of the leader line.

Arrow, Arrow height, Arrow length

Defines the type of the leader line arrow, the arrow height, and the arrow length.



Define the level mark rotation.

Placing method

Free allows Tekla Structures to search for the first suitable location for the level mark.

Fixed allows you to place the level mark in any location.

When you use the option Fixed, the mark stays where it is even though you update the drawing, whereas with Free, Tekla Structures tries to find the optimal place for the mark.


Define the areas where Tekla Structures searches for a position to place the mark.

This setting is only available if the selected Placing method is Free.


Distance s (search margin) is the empty margin that you want to leave around the mark.

Distance d min (minimum distance) is the minimum distance of the mark from the related object.

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