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Tekla Structures


You can insert a PDF file as a reference model to your Tekla Structures model. During import, Tekla Structures converts the PDF into the DXF format.

Insert a PDF file to a model

  1. On the File menu, click Import > Insert PDF.

    The Insert PDF Reference Model dialog box opens.

  2. Click Browse...
  3. Browse for the PDF file and click Open.
  4. Set the scale for the reference model.
  5. Enter the number of the pages that you want to insert.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Pick a point to place the reference model.

    Tekla Structures converts the PDF into the DXF format. The conversion creates a DXF file for every inserted page. Tekla Structures saves the DXF files to the same folder where the PDF is.


Only vector graphics are converted, not raster graphics.


WARNING: The PDF document could be subject to minor scaling adjustments during the print process to make it fit a standard page size. That means that it may not be 100% accurate in all directions once scaled to full size.

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