Dimensioning properties - Dimension grouping tab (Integrated dimensioning)

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Dimensioning properties - Dimension grouping tab (Integrated dimensioning)

Use the Dimension grouping tab in Dimensioning Properties dialog box to view and modify settings for dimension grouping in single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings.

Note that the contents of the dialog box vary depending on the drawing type, and all the options listed below are not available for all drawing types. This dialog box is displayed if you use Integrated dimensions dimensioning type in dimensioning.



Activate dimension grouping

Selects the objects for grouping.


Groups according to parts.


Groups according to bolts.


Groups according to components.


Groups according to cuts or shapes.

Automatic tagging

Defines how to display information in a dimension line.

Display tags

Displays tags.

Include part count in the tag

Includes part count in the tag.

Do not display marks for the grouped items

Does not display part marks for grouped items.

Available elements

Elements available to define identical conditions.

Add >

Adds items to Selected elements list.


Removes items from Selected elements list.

Move up

Moves the element higher in the list.

Move down

Moves the element lower in the list.

Update grouping when model changes

Yes updates dimension grouping automatically when the model changes.

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