Guidelines for multi-user drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Guidelines for multi-user drawings

You may find the following guidelines useful when you edit or check drawings:



Saving drawings

Periodically save your working model to the master model (every 5–10 drawings).

Editing drawings

  • Assign each user a different range of drawings to edit.

  • Lock finalized drawings.

  • If Tekla Structures displays the message Database write conflicts detected and a drawing ID number, two or more users have opened and saved the same drawing. See Drawings in multi-user mode.

Checking drawings

Only check locked drawings.

Printing drawings

Make sure that no-one else is working with the same drawing. If you print a drawing while someone else is editing it and then save the model, the other user’s changes will be lost, even though you have not opened, modified, or saved the drawing.

You can disable the print date by using the advanced option XS_​DISABLE_​DRAWING_​PLOT_​DATE.

Creating general arrangement drawings

Create a set of empty general arrangement drawings in the beginning of the project, and assign a a certain range of these ready-created empty drawings to each user (for example, GA1 to GA10 to User A, GA11-GA20 to User B and so on). This prevents overlapping general arrangement drawing numbers in the project.

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