Maintain Tekla licenses

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Maintain Tekla licenses

After the licensing is set up, you can verify that you have the correct number of licenses and that the licenses are used correctly.

You need to make changes in the following situations:

  • If users are selecting incorrect license types or secondary users are reserving too many licenses, you can ensure that the correct types of licenses are available to the users who most need them by defining access rights for using licenses.

    With online licenses, you can adjust license acess in the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

    For adjusting on-premises license usage, see Modify on-premises license access rights (tekla.opt).

  • If you have on-premises licenses, you need to deactivate your existing licenses:
    • When you start using a new version of Tekla Structures, which requires activating renewed licenses.
    • Before you activate a changed version of the same license (for example, the number of concurrent users is changed).
    • Before you make hardware changes that affect the license server.
    • If you want to move the licenses to a different license server.
  • If your on-premises licenses become untrusted or disabled, you can repair them a limited number of times as explained in Repair an on-premises license.
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