Export a drawing to 2D DWG or DXF (old export)

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Export a drawing to 2D DWG or DXF (old export)

You can export drawings to the 2D DWG or DXF format using the old DWG/DXF drawing export.

If you want to use the old DWG/DXF drawing export, set the advanced option XS_USE_OLD_DRAWING_EXPORT to TRUE in an .ini file. This advanced option is by default set to FALSE. For instructions on using the newer DWG/DXF drawing export, see Export a drawing to a 2D DWG or DXF file.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Document manager.
  2. Select from the list the drawings that you want to export.
  3. Right-click and select Export.
  4. In the Export Drawings dialog box, on the Export file tab, enter the export file name.

    If you are exporting several drawings, leave the file name box empty.

    The drawings are exported by default to the \PlotFiles folder under the current model folder. If you want to use another folder, enter the full path.

    Tekla Structures uses one of the following advanced options to define the names for the export files. The advanced option that is used depends on the drawing type:






  5. Select the file type: DXF or DWG.
  6. If you want to include a revision mark in the file name, select Include revision mark to file name.
  7. Set the layer options on the Layer options tab:
    • Select the layer rules file.

      To add or modify layers, and to assign object groups to different layers, click Setup...

    • If you want to use advanced conversion to convert the type, color and weight of lines and layers, select Use advanced line type and layer conversion.

    • In the Conversion file box, enter the name of the file to be used in the conversion.

      By default, Tekla Structures uses the LineTypeMapping.xml file in the ..\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\inp folder.

      If you need to define your own line type mappings, you can use the file LineTypeMapping.xml as a template when you create a conversion file of your own.

    • Select Include empty layers if you want to include empty layers in the export.

    • Select Object color by layer to have different colors on different layers.

  8. Set the other drawing export options on the Options tab:
    • Set Drawing scale and Line type scale.

    • If you want to export the drawings so that the DWG/DXF content is grouped by object, select Export objects as groups. When you do this, Tekla Structures makes a new group for each object (part, mark, dimension line, etc.).

    • Select Cut lines with text if you do not want to display continuous lines in exported drawings, for example, to run the line through text or drawing marks.

    • Select Export custom lines as split lines to ensure that custom line types have the same appearance in the software you are exporting to and when printed. If Export custom lines as split lines is selected, custom line types are exported as solid lines that are split to several short lines. If Export custom lines as split lines is not selected, custom line types are exported as defined in TeklaStructures.lin.

    • Select Use paper space to export to both model space and paper space. The unscaled contents of the drawing views are exported into model space. The drawing layout is exported into paper space. The layout contains scaled viewports showing appropriate areas of the model space.

      When exporting to paper space, ensure that all objects in the view are inside the view frame. Objects that are partially outside the drawing view frame are not exported

  9. Click Export.
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