Create multiple drawing sheets of the same part

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Tekla Structures

Create multiple drawing sheets of the same part

You can create several drawings from the same part as multiple drawing sheets. The number of sheets is not limited, and each drawing can have its own properties.

This is useful when you need extra sheets for details and section views, and especially when you want to have several drawings of an assembly with different presentation options: one with a large 3D image of the assembly, one with additional section views, and one where only certain parts or sub-assemblies of the assembly are marked and dimensioned.

You can create multiple drawing sheets of the same part in the Master Drawing Catalog using rule sets or wizards, or using the drawing properties dialog box.

Create multiple drawing sheets with wizards

Before you start, ensure that you have created drawing property files (saved settings) for creating multiple sheets of the same part, each file containing the desired settings for a specific purpose and individual sheet numbers.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Create drawings > Master drawing catalog to open the Create Drawings - Master Drawing Catalog dialog box.
  2. Double-click the desired wizard file in the list to open the Master Drawing Properties dialog box.
  3. Click Edit drawing properties... to open the wizard file.

    For an example of the wizard file contents, see Modify master drawing properties.

  4. In the file, give the names of the drawing properties files that you want to use to create the multiple drawing sheets.

    Give the file names in parenthesis on the set_drawing_attributes row as shown below:


    set_drawing_attributes(sheet1, sheet2, sheet3)



  5. Save the wizard file with a new name.
  6. In the model, select the parts you want to create the drawings from.
  7. Click the newly created wizard file in the Master Drawing Catalog and click Create drawings. Tekla Structures creates the drawings.

Create multiple drawing sheets using drawing properties

  1. Open the drawing properties dialog box by double-clicking the background of an open drawing.

  2. Adjust the drawing properties as needed, and change the drawing name so that it refers to the type of drawing you want to create, for example, FRAME 3D.

    Do not touch the Sheet number box.

  3. Click Apply to keep the changes and leave the dialog box open.

  4. Create a drawing of the object by selecting the appropriate command: On the Drawings & reports tab, hold down Shift and click Create drawings and click the drawing type.

  5. In the open drawing properties dialog box, adjust the drawing properties again and change the name to match the type of the new drawing, for example, FRAME FRONT.

  6. Change the sheet number in the Sheet number box to get another drawing of the same assembly with a different sheet number.

  7. Click Apply and create a new drawing of the same object with different properties.

  8. Continue making all the sheets you need in the same way as in steps 5 - 7.


An example how the Document manager shows the multiple drawings:

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