Modify a connection using AutoDefaults

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Modify a connection using AutoDefaults

When you use a connection that you are unfamiliar with, first use the default properties. Then use AutoDefaults to modify the properties.

  1. Double-click a connection symbol in the model to open the connection dialog box.
  2. On the General tab, select a rule group from the AutoDefaults rule group list.
  3. On all tabs, select the AutoDefaults options marked with the arrow symbol for the properties in which you want to use AutoDefaults.
  4. Click Apply.

If you manually modify the properties after using AutoDefaults, Tekla Structures uses the manually modified properties.

For example, you have manually set the base plate thickness of a connection to 20 mm. AutoDefaults is active and sets the plate thickness according to the main part profile. If you modify the main part profile, Tekla Structures does not update the base plate thickness. It remains at 20 mm.


You can view which AutoDefault rules and properties are used:

  • To view AutoDefaults rules, select the connection symbol in the model, right-click and select Inquire .

    Tekla Structures shows the rule group, rule sets and properties files used.

  • To view the AutoDefaults properties, double-click the connection symbol in the model, select <AutoDefaults> in the list box next to the Load button and click Load.
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