Model import

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Model import

It is possible to import a model to an existing model by using the Import model command that is available from Tekla Structures version 2017 onwards. You can use the Import model command as a replacement to the old model dump import. You can import the updated model several times.

  1. Open an empty Tekla Structures model created without a model template.
  2. Go to Quick Launch , start typing import model , and select the Import model command from the list that appears.
  3. Select a model folder to import to the currently open model.

The advanced option XS_MODEL_IMPORT_LOCK_OBJECTS in the Import category of the Advanced Options dialog box adds locks to objects, the default value is TRUE.

Notes and limitations

  • It is not possible to import model to the same model. For example, create model and objects and save. Then copying the model and deleting half of the model and then importing this to the original model is not possible.

  • If you import to an existing model, fix the possible numbering conflicts by adding prefixes in numbering series.

  • When you import a model, all components are exploded in Tekla Structures version 2017i and earlier versions.

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