Define object protection and placement settings in drawings

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Define object protection and placement settings in drawings

When you create a drawing, Tekla Structures uses predefined rules for positioning marks and dimensions. Marks and dimensions are automatically placed in the first suitable position.

The following settings are considered when placing the objects:

  • The protected areas defined in drawing properties. How the protection settings are applied depends on the drawing order of the objects in the drawing: the parts are drawn first, then the marks and then the dimensions.

  • The placing and leader line type settings of the annotation objects defined in the annotation object properties. Marks are usually drawn before dimensions, but if the marks have leader lines, they are drawn after the dimensions.

  • The predefined mark location and part orientation settings for some marks. For more information, see Set a predefined location for beam, bracing and column marks.

  • The modeling direction of parts.

  • XS_MARK​_INTELLIGENT​_PLACING : Marks are automatically placed according to the mark placing algorithm if this advanced option is set to TRUE (default). The placement algorithm tries to avoid crossing leader lines, and also places marks otherwise more clearly. XS_NEW_MARK_PLACING is available in the category Marking: General in the Advanced Options dialog box. The algorithm applies to all marks and associative notes, except weld marks.

  • XS_MARK_PLACING_ANGLE_CLOSE_TO_45_DEGREES : If you set this advanced option to TRUE (default), marks with leader lines are placed in a 45-degree angle if allowed by the protection settings.

  • XS_MARK_INTELLIGENT_ POST_FREEPLACE_NEARBY : If you set this advanced option to TRUE (default), Tekla Structures first places the marks avoiding crossing leader lines and after that runs the place nearby command, which ensures that the mark locations follow the protection settings. If you set this advanced option to FALSE , the crossing mark check is performed, but the place nearby command is not run, so some of the protection settings may not be followed.

When you create a drawing, Tekla Structures places the annotation objects according the automatic placement settings and protection settings. You can modify the placement settings in drawing view properties and on object level for individual objects. The protection settings for the whole drawing are also considered when you add annotation objects manually.

When you create a drawing, Tekla Structures places the views in the drawing according the settings in the drawing layout and view properties. In final drawings, you can select whether to use fixed or free view placement of views, drag drawing views to new locations, or align them.

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