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Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Layout properties

On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties and select the drawing type. Then click Layout. You can modify the properties after creating the drawing by double-clicking the drawing background.

All options in all layout property panels and dialog boxes are described below. All the described options are not available for all drawing types.

Option Description

Drawing size tab


Define the layout that you want to use.

List hidden objects in templates

Select Yes to list hidden objects in templates. No removes all information about the hidden parts, also from the total weight.

Size definition mode

Select Autosize if you want to let Tekla Structures find appropriate sizes and table layouts for drawings. Select Specified size to specify the exact size for the drawing. The drawing size should always be smaller than the actual paper size to accommodate printer margins.

Autosize: Use

The fixed sizes and calculated sizes are both defined in the Drawing layout properties :

Fixed sizes: Use this when you want Tekla Structures to use fixed drawing sizes A2, A3, A4, etc.

Calculated sizes : Use this when you want to define the rules that Tekla Structures follows when it tries to adjust the drawing size.

Calculated/fixed sizes : Use this when you want Tekla Structures to select the smallest of the suitable sizes.

Drawing size

If you selected Specified size , define the drawing size here.

Table layout

If you selected Specified size , define the table layout to be used.

Scale tab


Set Autoscale to Yes to let Tekla Structures automatically select the suitable scale for the drawing view.

Main view scales

Section view scales

When you use autoscaling, enter the denominators of main view and section view scales and separate them with spaces.

For example, enter "5 10 15 20" for the scales 1/5, 1/10, 1/15, and 1/20

Scale change mode

When you use autoscaling, set the scale change mode which defines the relationship between the scales of main and section views within a drawing:

main = section : The scales of the main and section view are equal.

main < section : Main view scales are smaller than section view scales.

main <= section : Main view scales are smaller than or equal to section view scales

Preferred size

Enter the preferred size of the drawing, if you use both autosizing and autoscaling. Tekla Structures tries to find a drawing size where the drawing contents fit by first trying to use the exact scale and the smallest drawing size. If the contents do not fit, Tekla Structures increases the drawing size until it reaches the preferred size.

Other tab

Projection type

Define how Tekla Structures places the projections of a part in cast unit, single-part, and assembly drawings. Projection type affects the order of the views in the drawing. The options are:

First angle , also referred to as the European projection.

Third angle , also referred to as the American projection.

Align section views with main view

Align end views with main view.

Set to Yes to place the views next to the main view.

If you select No , Tekla Structures places the section and end views in any available location.

Expand shortened parts to fit

Set to Yes to stretch shortened views to fill up empty areas of the drawing.

Include single parts

Set to Yes to include in assembly drawings the single-part drawings of the individual parts that make the assembly. Setting this to Yes , activates the Single-part attributes option.

Single-part attributes

Define the desired single-part drawing properties to be used in the single-part view. To do this, set Include single parts to Yes.

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