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Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Start Tekla Structural Designer

When you start Tekla Structural Designer for the very first time, you are asked to choose a country or region. Based on your selection various region specific settings such as design codes, units and default section sizes are configured. These settings, which can be changed to meet your company requirements, are applied when you start each new project.

Choose the country for your settings

  1. Start Tekla Structural Designer by selecting it from the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon.

    If this is the very first time the program has been started, a dialog box will appear requiring you to select your region.

  2. Select the country that best applies for the majority of your projects.
  3. Click OK

    The Tekla Structural Designer interface appears, with settings configured for the selected country.

Check or change your settings

You can check or change the settings that get applied to new projects at any time.

  1. On the Home ribbon, click Settings
    The Settings dialog opens, displaying the settings that have been configured for the selected settings set.
  2. Change the settings as needed.

    For more information about changing settings, see: Manage settings sets.

    Note: Any changes that you make only apply to new projects, existing projects are unaffected.
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