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Add an invoice

After you have created a customer order and allocated the material items on the order, you can create invoices for the order. Tekla PowerFab then allows you to view the created invoice as a report, print it, and send it to the customer.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • At the bottom of the Order Entry dialog box, click New Invoice, and double-click the order for which you want to add the invoice.
    • In the Details dialog box, go to the Invoices tab, and click New Invoice.
  2. In the New Invoice dialog box, select the invoice date and invoice category.

    The available invoice categories are created in the Invoice Categories dialog box that you can access via Maintenance > Order Entry > Invoice Category Maintenance.

  3. On the Material tab, select whether you want to invoice all material or the material that is in stock.

    If you want to invoice only a certain quantity of materials, type the quantity in the Invoice Qty field.

  4. On the Charges and Discounts tabs, select which charges and discounts are applied to the current invoice.
  5. If necessary, type notes for the invoice.

    The notes will be visible in the invoice.

  6. Click Add Invoice.

    If you typed a value in the Deliver Qty field, Tekla PowerFab asks you to confirm the delivery and materials.

  7. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
  8. In the Report Selection dialog box, double-click Invoice to view the invoice that you just created.

After creating the invoice, you can send it to the customer via Microsoft Outlook email. To do so, click Email Excel or Email PDF in the upper-right corner of the Tekla PowerFab Report Viewer.

You can also export the invoice to an external accounting software, if necessary. For more information, see Export invoices to accounting software.

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