Progress options

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Progress options

Progress options allow you to determine how Tedds views the progress of calculations. See the possible options in the following paragraphs.


If you select the None option, Tedds does not view any information on the progress of your calculations.

Simple progress window

If you select the Simple progress window option, Tedds views a simple progress bar that indicates how far through the calculations you are.

Detailed progress log window

If you select the Detailed progress log window, Tedds will view the Progress Log. The Progress Log gives you brief details on the calculations during the calculation process.

  • Clear when starting calculations

    If you select this option, Tedds clears the Progress Log when it starts a new calculation process.

    Otherwise, the Progress Log adds the details for new calculations to the end of the log.

  • Hide when calculations have finished

    If you select this option, Tedds only shows the Progress Log while calculations are running, and closes the Progress Log when the calculation process ends.

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