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Engineering library (All Regions)

The following engineering library calculations (applicable to all regions) have been significantly updated for Tedds 2020.

Batch design


Enhanced to include numerous benefits including:
  • New output option to send the output to the Tedds Application, a project will be created and each design will be added as a project document. If the Output folder is defined then the project file and all the documents will also be automatically saved in the specified folder.

  • New "Batch mode" option "Design first row then modify". Using this mode the first design is run with the normal user interface and then subsequent designs are run using the final results from the first design with any defined inputs applied as modifications to that original design.

  • New "Update input" option which when enabled will save the input variables back to the input sheet when the design case has completed and can therefore be used to record new designs that start with no input or partial input for the design.

  • Enhanced so that when the "Output document" option is "None" the variable "output_detail" is set to "None" which can significantly reduce the time taken for some calculations to calculate because the output will not be processed at all.

  • Enhanced so that if a calculation is cancelled the batch process will stop.

  • Enhanced so that if an incorrect unit is defined for an output variable an appropriate error message will be reported.

  • Fixed calculation error messages not always appearing in the foreground.

Bearing pressures for rectangular footings

Enhanced for improved performance when used via automation or batch design. Output options have also been added to allow the calculation title to be modified, to set the output detail, to optionally include the sketch and user defined notes can also be included.

Other enhancements

Other enhancements and corrections have been made to the following calculations, for detailed information about these changes select the "New and updated (Tedds 2020)" group in the Tedds Engineering Library and refer to the preview window.

  • 2D analysis

  • Rolling load analysis

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